I LOVED reading Literacy Work Stations!! I think it’s one of the best professional books I’ve read in a VERY long time-this one was practical, hands-on, and meaningful to me–just like it’s supposed to be for our kids right??

Of course I started wondering right away if this would apply to Math too–so guess what?? I dreamed up some names for Math Work Stations too.  I’ve got some ideas down on paper as far as how they will correlate to one another and connect with our “math theme”.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Number Writing Station-use Math Their Way number writing materials, slates, dry erase boards

Patterning Station-will be introduced at a later time, but will have changing pattering activities

Number Sense Station-math mats, matching quantities, parking lot game (see my DGFM for that game)

Sorting Station-one of the first stations introduced, will keep as long as they are interested, sorting various and ever changing items

Pocket Chart Station-matching number words to numbers, math sentences, math rhymes, any ideas???

Overhead Station-manipulatives will match current “math theme” (patterns, algebra, sorting, measurement, etc)

Math Big Books Station-match big book to current math theme

Math Poetry Station-match to current math theme

Computer Station-use internet sites to have children play games matched to theme

Puzzles/Games-match to theme, great for problem solving, one of our PL221/NCLB goals

Computation Station-will intro. 2nd semester, feature changing computation games/activities

Measurement Station-will intro. 2nd semester, feature changing measurement activities

Telling Time Station-intro. 2nd semester, feature clocks and activity cards/tasks

Shape Station-geoboards, pattern blocks, practicing shape writing/formation, sorting shapes

Teacher Station-mini lesson/focus with me

Math Writing Station-writing about math theme

I will begin each day with a mini-math lesson and then send them off to stations.  As I introduce new concepts, I will place them into the various stations, where ever they best fit. When I say, “math theme”, I mean patterning, sorting, telling time, measurement, number sense, computation, etc.

Are there any good MTW games that I should be sure to plug in?  It’s summer, my book is at school and my brain on on vacation! 🙂

Any ideas/thoughts/comments???  I’m planning on begninng with a few, doing a mixed MTW tubbing/and introducing stations over the frist 6 weeks and then seeing how that goes.

I need some feedback!!  In return, I’ll post what is working, pictures, and ideas as the school year goes on! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. I appreciate your sharing your thinking here. I don’t really have anything to add to your thinking, I just wanted you to know that I do read your blog daily. http://www.debrennersmith.com


  2. I just had an idea for your pocket chart math station. I use the pocket chart at my math center with the following activities:
    patterning using die-cut shapes

    match number to quantity (choose a numeral card and use die-cut shapes to match)

    shape sorting (I have different colors and sizes of construction paper shapes)

    Hope this gives you some additional ways to use the pocket chart at your math center!


  3. kristenskreations

    Thanks Michelle! I will have to try these ideas and post some pictures! 🙂
    Kristen 🙂


  4. Kristen,
    I love your blog! I have a few sites that may be helpful:

    Guided Math: http://www.mandygregory.com/guided_math_groups.htm

    Math Their Way (On-line book and printable resources): http://www.center.edu/NEWSLETTER/newsletter.shtml

    My Favorite Math Links Bookmarked:

    I hope that helps you! 🙂


  5. kristenskreations

    Thanks Ellen!
    Kristen 🙂


  6. I use my pocket chart with a self checking missing number sentence strips. I write down two numbers with a third missing. My kiddos have to place a number in the missing spot. They can then pull out the sentence strip and see if they selected the right number by looking on the back where I have written the number that is missing. I also math various forms of the same number. EX match a pic of 4 fingers -with the #4 on dice -with the numeric 4 -and the word four etc. -we also put numbers in order, practice skip counting, and remove numbers to play “guess the missing #”

    I hope this is helpful for your math pocket chart center.


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