Classroom Photos 2008-2009

I was able to find some time today to get over to my school and start moving furniture around in my new classroom.  My Economics class ends tomorrow and I will be turning in my unit (look for it in another post soon!)  I took some pictures of my room as it was when I walked in–nothing was where it was belonged!  I have a big job ahead of me!!  I thought you might like to see it go from start to finish!  Here they are!

This is the view looking in from my dooway.

View to the right of the doorway.  Blue cabinets are 3 sets of storage cabinets, the first door way (on the right) is the door to my “office”–I will have my assistant work there.  The next door way is to the closet that was converted from a bathroom–we store our Big Books and Learning Themed tubs from Lakeshore there. To the left is the sink.

The sink, playhouse (downstairs is home living, upstairs is blocks, marbleworks, legos, bilding materials) In the fore ground is my sand table and what will become my Science area.

Moving on to the center of the classroom.  My desk is at the far end of the playhouse (you will see that in another picture).  The wall at the back is where we store everything covered in paper for the summer.  There are lots of shelves from about waist high down to the ground.  The upper half will be used for my birthday board and to display student word, and my awards wall.

The left side of the room.  The far end dry erase board is where we will have calendar/morning message/large group time.  The calendar is covered in brown paper right now.  You can see some of my tables, chairs, computers, crates, and in the foreground to the left is the back of the writing center.

More of the writing center, my tall white cabinet where I store all my arts/crafts materials.  The area behind the cabinet/writing center will be my parent volunteer/listening center/assessment area.

Parent Volunteer area, listening center, assessment area–this area will be used for all 3 purposes at different times during the day/year

A view of my desk under the playhouse, Television, filing cabinets–this area is next to the long wall of waist high shelves.

A view of my room from my desk area looking towards the door/parent volunteer area. The playhouse is on your left, out of view.

More tables, calendar area, and a view from my desk.  The dry erase board will be used for my moveable word wall-I will put magnetic strips on the back of all the words/names that go on it for use in the Word Work Station.

An up close view of the playhouse ladder and the playhouse profile.

The front of the playhouse, my desk area is to the left, sink to the right.

Inside the playhouse

The sink area and a little counter space too! 🙂

————————————–After moving some furniture!—————————–

Close up of my desk area, the underneath of the playhouse is to the right.

After moving the tables where I want them.

More pictures of the room after moving furniture, picture taken from my calendar area/reading station.

A picture taken slightly to the left of the previous one.

Our new computers (the red crate will be gone).  I traded the computer tables for one smaller Kinder. friendly table that didn’t take up twice as much space–I needed it for our large group area.  The computer tables were banished to the hall.  I will keep one for working out in the hallway, and one will go away.

The rest of my student tables (I have 4 long ones, and 2 circle shaped ones) The sink is in the background to the right and the playhouse.

My newly created science area with sand table.  In front of the 3 storage cabinets/coat closets.  My “office” is to the left.  The white shelves are our mailboxes.

Mailboxes–two shoe storage units stacked on top of one another (I needed 2 when I did 1/2 day)

What will be my parent volunteer area/listening center/assessment area

The shelves inside my doorway that will house dry erase markers, skill folders, tubs on top for me, and any thing else needing a home! 😉

I am going in tomorrow-our Econ. class is supposed to get done before lunch, so I will take more pictures of more details tomorrow and all the work I’ve gotten done! 🙂  If you have any questions please ask–I will define more spaces as I get the furniture moved where I want it and things put back in their places! 😉

Hope this inspires someone else! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. I absolutely ADORE your playhouse/loft. I am a Kindergarten teacher and luckily just won a grant to makeover my room and would love to have something in my room like your playhouse. Did you build it yourself? Or was it a kit? I would love to hear anything you can share with me about it!!


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