Spiders (day 1 and 2)

What a long weekend!  I’m so glad it’s over!  Between the wedding and my nephew’s birthday (which was the best by the way), I am wiped out! So much so, that I got the flu somewhere in there and stayed home today!  Fun!

Yesterday, we began our unit on Spiders (they give me the creepy crawlies, but hey, it’s for the kids!).  Now normally, I would have used my Mystery Box with some plastic spiders inside of it to get things started, but since I felt icky, I just told them what we were going to learn about this week.

We began by making a KWL chart to list things we knew and wanted to know about spiders (I’ll post pictures tomorrow).  I then used my much loved Shared Reading With Big Books book and introduced the big book “I Love Spiders” to the children. We took our picture walk and then read the story together.  After that, we started our Predictable Chart, “Spiders…”.  Then of course we had to read a story–“Be Nice to Spiders” which the children just loved.  Check it out if you are able!

During our math time, we completed Patten Block Spiders.  This time, I had the children color in the shapes.  Today, they are graphing their results.  We also added lots of things to our compost bin and you can really see the work that the worms are doing!  Everything is very moist in the box and the worms were busy this weekend crawling up the sides of the compost bin and laying some eggs (I think that’s what they do anyway–still reading about that part!).  So we will have baby worms soon!  The children love to help me turn the compost and check out what was what in the bin!

Tomorrow, we will start heavily into patterning–I have candy corn to help get things started, they always enjoy that!

I will post photos tomorrow, if I am well enough to go back!  Feeling better by the minute so it looks good!

Get those flu shots!

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Love your ideas! I really enjoy your web site andthe creative ideas you have shared! I wish I was in your class!!!
    Did you place the pattern block spider on the web site? And when you graph (as mentioned above) are you talking about how many blocks were used-how many trapezoids or how many squares used?

    if you have time to reply, Iwould appreciate it!
    Keep up the great work! Redworms-oh, my!!!!


  2. kristenskreations

    Hi Maryann,
    I just posted the spider pattern block, although I did not create it, so I can’t upload it as usual. You will have to trace one of your own–sorry!
    As far as graphing goes, we graph the number of times or the amount of each type of block on our graph. Each graph is different because the children solve, “I have no hexagons!” in a different way each time. I do not give each table the same assortment of paper blocks because I want them to problem solve, nor would I give them the same assortment of wooden blocks on their tables to lay on top and then color the appropriate colors.
    Kristen 🙂


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