Skeleton Ideas

I just read a post from the Kinder Korner webring–if you don’t belong, it’s a must for Kindergarten teachers! 🙂  I found some really cute ideas for skeletons, and although I won’t be doing them before Halloween in my classroom, we make come back and do some of these in February when we discuss healthy bodies and nutrition.  I’m listing the names, because these are not my ideas! 🙂


I’ll post later about my own classroom and what we are doing in our short Fall Break ended week!


I posted photos on the group site of a skeleton project we did last year. We collected and painted toilet paper tubes and made a very large skeleton and labeled the major bones and body parts. I cut the skull and hips out of white paper. The children really enjoyed it. You will find the pics under the name Skeleton ideas.  Laura Columbus, Ohio —

“gayuhland”  I have done some darling skeletons with Q-tips mounted on black paper with a TLC-head (starting from a square white paper, etc.) Although not exactly ‘correct’ in terms of number of human bones, etc., it has been a great lead-in for a unit on skeletons/exo- skeletons. I also  have a great little booklet featuring different animal skeletons– I  remember a turtle for sure–I think 8 animals in all. Let me know if you are interested in a copy, photo &/or ‘q-tip count’  for the project. Off-list is fine. 🙂  Gay 

“kinderoom” <kimberlyennis@  Hi,  I am doing a short skeleton unit as well. I don’t have lot of time  so here  is one thing I will be using:  Last year my kids loved the “roll-a-?” games. I made a big  skeleton (just enlarged one of those easy ones from a  Worksheet- Mailbox, I believe.) We talked about the pips on the dice, how to  “recognize” or count them,  And how to find that piece of the skeleton to add. After we played  together,  I gave them smaller version to cut out and a die  so they could play by themselves. (don’t know how this year’s kids  will do but am trying something new….they would cut the poor skeleton up  too badly  to use so)  I bought the little plastic skeletons those that come 6 or 8 to a  pack and  cut them into 6 pieces.  (head, chest/trunk, 2 arms, 2 legs) and then made a “roll a  skeleton”  direction card. I put this along with a die in a baggie.  Now they will have game to play at home with their parents. Of course we will still play with the big one as a class, just won’t be cutting  them out  this year. I also got one of those big plastic moveable skeletons. I wrote an  alphabet  letter on each of the bones at the hinges (?) – you know, the  joints they  are put together(?) – for example – at the end of the collar bone I  put a  capital A and on the top of the humerous (the lone arm bone) I  put a lower  case a. I did this for all the bones where they came together.  Then I took  it apart. (the plastic buttons can be cut so you can take it apart).  The kids put it together by matching caps to lower case. You can  put it back together with the large brass fasteners. > > I used to sort and graph the “Dem Bones” candies, but it just got  too hard  to get them. I’m sure they are available somewhere still, but just  not  worth the effort now. (I do miss the activity though.)  I used to make large skeletons using paper towel and toilet paper  rolls.  (saw it on line somewhere) – That was fun and the kids loved that  they ALL contributed to making him.  I hope this helps.  Kim

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I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. The only place that still has the bones candy is Oriental Trading. You can order them on amazon.


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