Bats! (day 2)

Here are the pictures I promised from yesterday:

And here is what we did today (during our 1/2 day!):

We read this story called Two Little Witches:

I found this story many years ago at Wal-Mart during Halloween time and purchased it–little did I know that it was a wonderful math related story.  Here are some shots of my students acting it out today!

We also read these stories:

This one is a take off of There Was An Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly (or a Pie, or a bell, shell, star, Cello, some snow, etc.) Does anyone know of anymore versions of this story–I kind of collect them!  I will show you a fabulous activity we will do with the “Pie” version of this story in November–closer to Thanksgiving! 🙂  It’s super cute!

We also watched the Magic School Bus movie about Bats (I think the correct title is The Magic School Bus Goes Batty!).  I usually don’t like to show many movies, but I am a big sucker for MSB movies because they are SOOO full of information presented in a kid-friendly way!  We will watch one more on Friday, about Spiders because I wanted to hit that again–the kids loved it so much!

No kids tomorrow or Thursday, so my next post will be Friday–if I survive Halloween! 🙂

November brings the Little Red Hen, Election (you can find the ballot for the elections on the PDF page under “I” for ice cream), Pilgrims/Native Americans, Thanksgiving, and The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Pie.  I’ll be working on those plans on Thursday.

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Hi-

    LOVE your blog! Keeps me thinking about my room! I was wondering if you could give me a quick low down on the pocket chart station you use? What are the directions at the top and the cards? I see letters and word. I tried to make out the directions, but couldn’t see based on the pictures. Thanks! JC


  2. kristenskreations

    Hi JC,
    The directions you see at the top of the chart (on the left side) are our “I Can…” chart. My kids made a list of all the things that they can do at pocket chart station while they are there. Pointing to words, finding letters, reading the poems, songs, stories, etc. The cards are the tasks that I would like them to accomplish while they are there. They either need to search for letters, words, punctuation or anything else I have for them to find. They “underline” these things with Wikki-Sticks or Post-It flags. I hope that answers your questions! 🙂
    Kristen 🙂


  3. Thank you! Yes, sounds great! I was thinking i might try this out with my class. Have you ever used a big book station? I was thinking of trying that out too, but having the kids match up the sentences with the pages, but I am not sure how to manage it yet.


  4. kristenskreations

    I do have a Big Book Station this year–the kids love the idea of being able to read books almost as big as they are! I keep key vocabulary words (for example when we read Cookie’s Week, the days of the week words) in an envelope paper clipped to the front of the book. The children take the cards out, lay them on the floor and use highlighter tape (reused daily) to find the words I have written on index cards. To keep things simple, I will only have 5-6 books in the tub at a time so that I can use the 5 colors of index cards I have plus white. The kids know that all the blue cards need to go back together, the green together, etc. I have not had any problems at all with them being able to manage things! Good Luck–it’s really a fun station!
    Kristen 🙂


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