The one that got away!

This week got away from me!  I’ve been so busy, that I didn’t have time to post!  I had dinners with friends, family, a Holiday Bazaar at school, my brother’s birthday, and then all the usual things!  So here is a recap of the rest of the week (Wednesday – Friday).


As we read Rosie’s Walk this week, we completed this extension to the story.  This one is about a turkey and the children had to decide where they would like their turkeys to go.  They were very creative in doing that.  I had 2 other adults in the room during the time we were doing this so we each worked with small groups of children and helped them choose words and then stretch them out and write them.  The children all wanted to know when they were going to get to do Writer’s Workshop that day and when I explained that we had just done it, they all said that it had been to easy and too much fun! 🙂

The children helped me to write the Morning Message on Thursday and Friday.  They came up with the message and then helped each other to write and stretch out the words. (We are going to art. We will have lots of fun!)


This is our very sweet Predictable Chart “I’m thankful for…”.


I could not remember if I posted this or not already, but this has been our Pocket Chart station for the last 2 weeks (I leave it up that long so every one can rotate through it)


This is a not very good picture of our milkweed plants–they are starting to grow! 🙂


This is a shot at our recycling bins right after they were emptied.  They were FULL! Our goal is to fill them totally up every week!


We also started heavily into intervention groups at the beginning of November.  We use “My Sidewalks” by Scott Foresman.  I have a rotating group that works with me during Literacy Work Stations and my assistant has a static group (for at least 6 weeks) that works with her.  Each child in the classroom is seen at least once a week to work on skills specific to their needs and to either help them or challenge them. What do you use for your RTI groups?  I like this program because it’s all laid out for you and you just follow the book and all the lessons build upon the next.  Any thoughts?

During our math time, we worked on pattern block turkeys, pilgrims, and trees.  We also completed a little bit of graphing with a Thanksgiving theme, and ended the week by shopping at “store”.  Inflation happened a bit at the “store” this week!  I had to hire a “shopkeeper”, so prices went up a little so I could afford to have her help me! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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