The Winter Olympics

Will you be teaching about the Winter Olympics?  We will be!!  All day my team brainstormed ideas; we wanted to do outdoor Olympics, indoor Olympics, and we just kept getting crazier and crazier!! Finally, as I was talking with my assistant, we both had this idea to bring our Wii’s to school in a few weeks and have the kids try their hands at skiiing, curling, ice skating, and the Penguin Ice Berg game (love it even though it frustrates me to no end!!).  We thought this would be a great way to tie our theme of Healthy Bodies together with the Olympics.

We will also be sharing information about Canada and track the journey of the torch across the world.  In addition, as fate would have it, we started reading Magic Tree House #16 today: Hour of the Olympics, so we will be talking about the differences between the Olympics now and in Ancient Greece.  We will also compare the sports in the Winter events to those in the Spring Olympic Games and those in the Para-Olympics.  I will also be completing an ABC Time chart to assess what the children are learning and what interests them about the Olympics.

Do you have any ideas??  Share them here (post them in the comments below).  I’ll pick 3 random posters to receive a copy of my Farmer’s Market Snowflake theme.  You have until Monday, February 15th to post your comment! 🙂

Kristen 😉

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I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. I love the Wii idea!! I think my crew this year could handle it 🙂 What is an ABC time chart? Thanks for sharing, love your site!


  2. A great literature tie-in is “Tacky and the Winter Games” by Helen Lester. For those of you not familiar with Tacky, he is a unique penguin that kids find really funny. One of the main messages from the original book is that it’s okay to be different.
    This specific book can be a great resource for talking about healthy habits (which kids and athletes need) and some of the winter sports.
    I’ve also created a jumbo version of memory, using 5×7″ Olympic icons. I included the graphic symbols of the popular sports, flags, torch, etc. When we play, I have the kids sit in a circle and lay the cards face down on the floor in the middle. I usually have the kids play against the clock, rather than against one another. It’s a great way to reinforce vocabulary. You can also add the written word below the symbol to increase the literacy exposure.


  3. Well, unfortunately, I don’t think our kindregarten classes will be following a lot of the olympics. There just isn’t a lot of time in only a half day, not to mention that Monday and Tuesday last week we had 2 hour delays then weren’t in school the rest of the week because of snow. Then we don’t have school tomorrow for President’s day. We still haven’t had our Valentine’s Day celebrations! I know we are going to have some activities set up around the school (I can’t remember when…that list is at school!) to participate in, such as curling but I can’t remember others. In previous years each class has been a country and made the flag for the celebration. But right now we’re going to be playing catch up, I’m not sure how much will get done. This site has some suggestions for activities As I said, I can’t remember what my school is actually doing since the papers are at school. Here is the AIMS pdf link for their Olympics plans, however they aren’t for the winter olympics.
    Thanks for all your great ideas. I spent some of the snow days time looking back throughout your blog in hopes of reorganizing and moving away from our reading series to a more theme based teaching.


  4. janice richarrdson

    Hi, We have had a blast following the Olympics. We have had olympic events in PE this week, curling with upside down frisbees, hockey with mini sticks, skeleton and 2 man bobsled with scooters, figure skating with scarves and biathalon with hoops and beanbags and pretend cross country skiing .

    We made a fantastic craft of the logo inukshuk (Alanaaq) out of ripped paper and an inukshuk using a drawing program on the computer.

    WE have been following the medal race and keeping track of Canada’s medals using tallies. The kids have been bringing in pictures from the newspaper and we have been talking about each sport and each win etc.

    WE have also had a whole school torch relay run during PE As a warm up the kids ran laps around the Gym. For each lap they ran they got a popsicle stick (torch). For each 4 laps was one a kilometer. WE tracked our progress across Canada on a map and had lots of prizes etc. this was a great activitiy for the kinders as they had to count their sticks each day and mark theim on our tracking sheet using tallies.

    WE also got a torch runner to visit our school which was awesome for the kids

    We also followed website updates using the computer and smart boards.



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