New Binder Pages

As with anything you do in teaching, you work with something for awhile and then decide it needs to change…so my binder pages are getting an overhaul.  I was noticing the kids were having trouble if I oriented the pages vertically, so I changed the layout to horizontal, that way the rings of the binders or folder prongs don’t get in their way. You will also notice that there are now permanent places for the children to write numbers on the money and base ten block pages.  I’m working on a new number writing page as well (to go with the Dr. Jean Number Writing Song…it takes 2 minutes and we get in practice writing numbers everyday!!)

Included are a new color page, money page, base ten blocks page, and tally mark sheet.  Also, I’m uploading the 8 1/2 x 11 sheets I use on my visual presenter to show the children the animal they should be pointing to and singing about while singing Dr. Jean’s color song.  I model how to point to each letter as we sing.  I’m sorry the pictures don’t match up exactly with the color page for the binders itself…I made my set about 7 years ago and I can’t find the clip art for them anymore and couldn’t get them to shrink without looking ick!  They are old school clip art! 🙂






Q & A about binders

Q: How and when do you use binders?

A: I use them daily, from the first day of school.  I introduce one page at a time, beginning with their name, then the calendar, days of the week/months, weather graph, money, base ten, days in school, tally marks, color, shape, and number songs, until I have introduced them all.  If we did their name on day one, day two would then be their name and the calendar…just keep adding a page, until you are doing them all. The birthday and tooth pages are used on special days (birthday=first day of the month we are in school, we add tally marks for that month’s birthdays, tooth=when a child loses a tooth)

To assemble the binders, I use 1 inch 3 ring binders.  Each of the pages are inserted into page protectors back to back (in the order listed above).  The children use dry erase markers to complete the pages that require marking.  There are a few pages (days of the week/months and color song) that the children just use their finger to point to the words.  The children do all of the recording…I never write in their binders, but they do help each other by keeping their friends on the correct page and activity.

I like to use these binders to help reinforce calendar concepts and to allow each child to have practice all the calendar activities each day in a low risk way.  I might lean over to correct their number writing or to make sure they are completing the activity correctly, but I want to see what they can do on their own! 🙂  By the end of the year, the children can complete the binders independently, in under 5 minutes.  Not only do we talk about what we are doing on each page daily, I have the children explain what they are doing and why to other adults just to check their level of understanding.  It’s amazing how they explain the base ten blocks and money pages!

I hope to get a page that looks like a clock face as well, so that we can practice telling time to the hour on a daily basis.  I’m thinking that if I just had a clock face, the children could draw in the hands to correspond to the number on the calendar or a random time that I tell them (just to the hour and half hour). What do you think?

I hope these pages help!

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Kristen:
    This helps clarify how your binders work. Thank you for sharing. What do you do for the tally sheet? Each month is listed. Do you tally the each day students are in school for that month?


  2. I believe the clock page would be great! I am a first year teacher and that is one area I want to improve on teaching this next year. Most of my children understood time to the hour and half-hour. I think your idea will work. Thanks! I love your website:)


  3. Kristen-
    Woud you say that your binders extend the calendar time by more than 10 minutes? I will be a first year kinder teacher this coming year but have been doing long term substitute positions in kinder for a couple of years now. I would love to do a modified version of your binders (we dont do money in kinder here anymore, and I think base 10 blocks are introduced much later in the year). But in my experience calendar is already a 20 or more minute long activitiy, and with our new and longer morning reading block I just wonder if I can fit in using the binders too.

    How long do you spend on your calendar time, AND your binder time together?


    • kristenskreations

      I would say that the binders might add 15 minutes more time at the beginning of the year and at the most 10 minutes later on in the year. I find that the children can practice so many small math related skills while using their binders (see previous posts for more information on the skills) that it is a nice transition into our math time.

      Kristen 🙂


  4. I really like your site and appreciated all of the hardwork they is shared .


  5. Hey! I am about to begin my 2nd year of teaching Kindergarten, except this year I’m teaching the retainees in a class called “Pre-1st Grade.” This is an experimental year, and I cannot wait to try your ideas!!! This is a great extension of regular calendar time. I feel like it’ll keep my students more engaged, too. 🙂 Thanks for the post!!


  6. Love the way you use the binders! How smart! I am trying to think of how I might use this with 2nd graders! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Donna Richards

    Quick question – Do your students erase the money, tally marks and base ten marks or just add to them daily? I’m just trying to picture how this would work as a whole group activity. If they do erase – do you pass out the tissues daily? Sorry for such detailed questions but I have tried the binder pages before and felt they took too long. I will admit – I gave up too soon and I’m wanting to tough it out this year. Thanks – your website is great!!


    • kristenskreations

      Hi Donna,
      The children add to them daily. There are a few numbers that they need to erase just to make them agree with the amount shown with the money, base ten blocks, and tally marks, but for the most part there is little erasing.

      Kristen 🙂


  8. I really like the idea of the Binders for calendar time. I was just wondering if you put all the papers in plastic sheets so students can use dry erase markers? or how is this used? Thank you


    • kristenskreations

      I do put all the papers in sheet protectors and we use dry erase markers. This year, instead of baby wipes, we are using old socks to wipe off our pages.


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