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President’s Day (Week) Activities

We have done several activities this week to help celebrate President’s Day.

Monday, we played a game where we learned about heads and tails.  I made up my own version last year:


I have small 3oz. bathroom cups for each child and one penny.  They put the penny in the cup and shake a few times and dump it out on their paper.  They record on the graph; by cutting out the appropriate picture.  The penny side that gets its graphing column filled up first is the “winner”.


Wednesday, we played the water dropper game.  Each child made a prediction about how many water drops they thought it would take to fill up one side of a penny before the water spilled over the side.  They wrote down their prediction and then the actual number.  I used droppers–I got them from Steve Spangler Science (less than $10.00 for 100 of them).

(In this picture you see we are using plastic medicine droppers–this is from last year–I forgot to take pictures!!)


Thursday, we noticed that some of the pennies were dirty, so we started thinking about ways to clean them.  We made a list of things we could try:

hair spray

water (hot, cold, and soapy)

lemon juice





baking soda


We will be trying these out tomorrow and letting them sit over the weekend, so we’ll see what the results are!!  Tomorrow, before we begin, we will make a hypothesis and some predictions about what will happen.


Kristen 🙂

-at family dice toss

Here is the -at family dice toss that everyone has so kindly been requesting:


I’ve left it blank so that you can write words in for any word family, sight words, numbers, etc.


***Edited to add directions***

To play this game, you program a blank die with whatever you want your students to practice.

Sight words, word families, etc.

Fill those in in the smaller boxes on the left.  The children roll the dice (you can use two dice for word families if you want, divide up the words into initial consonants and word family parts)  bl (on one die)  ow (on the other die).

When the children roll a word, they make a tally mark in the box next to the word and roll the word again.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

Hi! :)

Hi Everyone!

I promise to post something soon! 🙂  Not only am I working full time, I am taking 9 hours of grad classes, so between those two, I hardly have time to breathe let alone post something.  I have a window coming up this weekend  where I will try to post some ideas we will be doing next week for Presidents Day-ish things (yes, we will be in school on the 21st–make up snow day!) and it’s kind of nice to have an extra day to learn about the presidents!

Kristen 🙂

HASTI Presentation

This is the Power Point I shared on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at the HASTI Conference in Indianapolis.

children’sliteratureandscience (this is the .pptx version–download this one if you have a newer version of Power Point)

children’sliteratureandscience (this is the PDF version)

children’sliteratureandscience (this is the .ppt version–download this one if you have an older version of Power Point)

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