The Daily Five

I’ve just started reading The Daily Five and wondered if any of you have used it in Kindergarten. I’m curious to know how it looks and how it can be incorporated with/into Literacy Work Stations.

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I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Love Love Love Daily 5!!! I have been doing it for 2 years in K and it has totally changed my way of teaching!!! I can actually teach a small group and my kids are all working independently on authentic activities that make them better readers!! I incororate alot of my “workstation” acticvities into Word Work and use them for my small group instruction. Keep reading and I would love to hear your opinion of it!! 🙂

    Ashley Nichols


  2. Hey Kristen! I’ve read the Daily Five, but I have not used it in Kindergarten. I did see a First/Second multi-age classroom use it very effectively.


  3. I feel that the book gives a great description of what Daily Five looks like. It’s hard to say exactly what it looks like in kindergarten because we each do it differently. Some people have to modify it to the Daily 3 and some people do it just like it’s described in the book…
    I would suggest googling “Daily Five” and “kindergarten” to get sources of other teachers who use this ‘method.’ I don’t yet blog about Daily Five activities, but will in the coming year. When I do, I’ll come back and leave some links for you to see our class in action.
    Have you looked at The Sisters website? Some of the material is free and some you have to pay for, but that will give you additional great information about getting started.


  4. Hi Kristen! I started my own version of The Daily 5 in my K classroom this year after spring break. I have been reading and researching all year and finally felt like I was ready to put it into action. I loved reading the book and kept it close by my side as I progressed through my implementation.
    I actually was only able to incorporate 3 of the components during my morning block, which I called our “Literacy Lab.” We began with Independent Reading, added Work on Writing and finally added Read with Someone. I only had a 75 minute block to work with before lunch in my schecdule. I felt like Word work and Listen to reading were already easily embeded in my centers, so I left them in that block which comes after lunch.
    My students easily built up to 20+ minutes of independent stamina for each of the 3 components that we practiced. It was wonderful!! I had the opportunity to listen to each student read individually, complete running records, end of year assessments, and have one on one mini conferences. For the most part all of the kids thoroughly enjoyed our literacy lab. I am now thinking through how to get things started from the beginning of the year when the kids are so new with the structure and routine. But I am definitely excited about the prospect!!


  5. I used Daily 5 in my Kindergarten classroom this year and found that my students could hardly wait for Daily 5 time!! I did not use literacy stations at all! I was happy to put those stations away! I only used 3 of them…I used read to self, work on writing and buddy reading (which didn’t come until the last part of the year). My progressed in their reading a lot more this year than the previous because they were actually reading more!! Good luck with it! I would also recommend the sisters website and if you can find a training from maybe someone in your local AEA I would try that too!!


  6. Hi Kristen. I’ve used Daily5 for 6 years now and will never go back! I love it. It’s mostly a management system for your Literacy Stations. The way I use it as far as Literacy Stations go–I have children work independently at most stations. For all the stations, I have many learning activities within each of the Daily 5. For example, I may have big books, poetry, reading tubs, and DIRT (Daily Independent Reading Time) boxes for students to choose from. These change as needed. I used D5 first in 2nd grade and was a bit skeptical how I would implement it in K, but it was even more effective in K! It provides the routine our little ones need.


  7. Hi Kristen,

    I started reading The Daily Five this summer as part of a PLC led by our reading coaches. We will be working on it this coming school year. I’ve been reading as much as I can about it because I wasn’t sure how it would work in kindergarten-especially at the beginning of the year.

    I am excited by what I’ve read so far and by the comments I’ve read by K teachers who already use the Daily Five in their classrooms. I was worried about not being able to use my literacy stations, but as I am reading, I think I’ll be able to use a lot of the activities in some way for Word Work, Working with Writing, and Listening to Someone Read.

    I also wondered what would be in my students’ book boxes at the beginning of the school year before I had a chance to assess my students-when many aren’t reading and aren’t independent. I liked the book’s suggestion about teaching the children the three different ways to read first. It explains it so well. The book suggests having 3-8 books in the book boxes for Reading to Self. I figured that I would use picture books and Level A books, but I could also have things like an ABC chart, name chart… even some copies of familiar nursery rhymes in their book boxes,too. I could even run off the poems/chants/songs that we learn for them to put in a poetry journal and keep that in their book boxes.

    I found some resources for the Daily Five and CAFE on a wiki at Mrs. Crowder has some forms on her website: .

    I went on I found two discussion groups. One is called The Daily Five and CAFE. The other one is called Kindergarten Daily Five. You can also visit the Peony Room for more discussions about the Daily Five.

    How do you think you will use the Daily Five in your classroom? How much time do you have for your literacy block?


  8. Hi!
    I found this site with resources for D5. Jess Meacham also has some things on her site. Click on anchor charts. Then scroll down to find the anchor charts she makes with her students.


  9. Hi! I teach kindergarten and we have flexible reading groups or…ability groups if you will. These run for 1 hour daily. I have daily 5 running during the reading group time, as well as during my classroom, but have had to “adapt” with all of the switching of children. Is anyone else running into this? I have found ways to make it work…and feel good about it. But, would love to hear what others are doing!


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