My 2011-2012 Schedule

Here is what my daily schedule will look like this school year (for the most part. when we don’t have a special event. or when we get off schedule.  or when there’s a snow day!)


8:00-8:30 Welcome, Morning Message, Read Aloud, Breakfast

8:30-8:55 Shared Reading/Predictable Chart/Song/Fingerplay/Rhyme

8:55-9:10 Open Court/Imagine It!

9:10-9:40 Literacy Work Stations

9:50-10:20 Writer’s Workshop

10:25-10:55 Lunch

10:55-11:15 Recess

11:15-11:55 Science/Social Studies

11:55-12:35 Specials

12:40-1:40 Math

1:40-2:10 Interventions/Discovery


Here is a copy of the lesson play layout that I will use this year:


Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Are you having calendar time during your math instruction time?


  2. Melissa Richardson

    I have enjoyed your posts for over 6 months:) I can sense that we have similar teaching styles so your photographs and links have inspired me to make modifications in our class. With each post, I am always amazed at how organized you are and how that you NEVER stop rethinking your class! How many years have you taught? Do you have an instructional assistant? If not, how do you execute your lessons, assessments and intervention by yourself? Do you have parent volunteers to assist you? Do your students have Free Choice or do you incorporate that during center time. How do you assess center times?

    I look forward to more posts:) Your students are BLESSED to have you as their teacher!


    • kristenskreations

      Hi Melissa!
      I’ve been teaching for 11 years now and I am lucky to have an instructional assistant for 5 hours a day (6 hours with her lunch and prep duties). I also have many parent volunteers that come in on a regular basis.
      We have a time at the end of the day that we call Discovery Time where it is open/free play. The children are assigned to centers each day, but they rotate through them but are free to play! 🙂
      We will have Literacy Work Stations and Math Work Stations this coming year and I assess them through observation and through my working with small groups. Ultimately, what they have learned shows up on the benchmark assessments that I give them.


  3. Hi Kristen,
    I’m a new full day K teacher this year…I was wondering about your Math Work Stations and Lit Work Stations. Did you use Debbie Diller’s Literacy Work Stations ideas? Also, how do you structure the science/social studies time? I was told to try and do centers for each subject, but that seemed daunting…

    I would really appreciate your help.


  4. Hi Kristen!
    Thank you for your wonderful ideas! You are a very dedicated teacher!
    I have looked at your schedule and I am wondering when the children have center time. When I say “center time” I mean play activies such as blocks, housekeeping, dramatic play, art etc…. .
    I am returning to Kindergarten after many years in Pre-K and I am wondering if your students have attended Pre-K. The children in my class this year have not attended Pre-K. In fact most can’t recognize their names or know the letter that their name begins with. I am overwhelmed by our Kindergarten curriculum especially when so many children seem not ready for the material.
    I need to begin with basics and grow from there. My children who left Pre-K last year were able to write, respond to literature with pictures and writing, as well as, read many sight words and simple sentences.
    I struggle with imposing too much on the children as I do feel socialization and play are equally important.
    Do you have any suggestions or comments? I would be very grateful to hear from you.
    Thank you for your wonderful site. It is truly a gift!


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