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Before I started blogging about Science Notebooks in the kindergarten classroom, I wanted to get a feel for what you know about them (or don’t know!! 🙂   ).  Have you personally used Science Notebooks in your classroom?  I’m really going to be focusing on them this year and want to be helpful to all of you in the process, so please let me know what you would like to know! 🙂  I’ll be showing some helpful materials later this week or next week to help get you started!


Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. I’ve tried using journals for science, but time cuts us short so they never have much in them. We don’t have a science curriculum or program to follow, do you?


  2. Hi Kristen! Here is the extent of what I have done in the past couple years. For a method of recording the changes we saw in planting bulbs, I had students draw and create pages which I saved all year. First they drew a picture of what we did on planting day. ( I have taught my K students to copy the date from the board on their writing work and any other items I would like dated – “mm/dd/yy” format – really works well!) Then through the year we did some explorations about how the bulbs were changing. We planted some of the bulbs in a clear two liter bottle with the top cut off and drainage holes poked in the bottom, then buried the bottle to the appropriate depth inside another pot. It was fantastic for an inexpensive “root view”! We also dug up a couple bulbs and recorded the changes in drawing and writing, comparing the size of the bulbs with common objects such as a quarter, an apple, etc. We also used paper scraps to cut and paste the parts: soil, roots, bulb, shoot, bud, flower, leaves. The final page showed drawings of the spring blooms. At the end of the year we put the pages together like a book.

    Last year we had the kids make a short term observation book about spring weather. It was a science and literature response notebook because we read “The Umbrella” on a rainy day, drew clouds and rain, etc. Other books: Gilberto and the Wind, A Rainbow of My Own, When Will It Be Spring?. The book had alternating lined writing page/ plain paper for drawing – about 3 of each and we used front and and back. Colored construction paper on the front and back for a cover. Look forward to more and better ideas from YOU! 🙂


  3. blossomteacher

    I am always perplexed about how to integrate science notebooks fully in kinder…especially with the different reading/writing skill levels. I usually have just one journal, and we rotate doing math, science, and pure writing entries. I guess I’d love an idiot proof template or how-to guide!


  4. We have to do the Science notebook thong this year and I am pretty clueless so any help or info you have to share will be appreciative!!! 🙂


  5. I have used a science journal/notebook for the past several years. I have a science center ( we call it our Fab Lab, from Sid the Science Kid show) and I usually introduce it following the viewing of one or two Sid episodes. I try to have an activity at this center that relates to our season or theme and involves some kind of observation/sorting activity. Each activitiy is followed up witn a journal entry about the experience. It can include drawing, labeling, writing. I am usuually open ended with it. I would like to hear ideas of how to make it a more valuable tool…..

    Thanks to everyone for sharing ideas 😉


  6. I don not use Science notebooks in my class. My goal is to have more Science lessons and centers this year. I’m excited to see what you do. Thanks!!


  7. Kristen, Yes I have used them however I am not always consistent. I usually make the journals more theme related. Either using a BIG idea of science such as change, force and motion, etc or a thematic journal and it’s really beneficial when the math sessions are connected in with the science lessons since the concepts and curriculum build on standards from both areas.In my room, we begin with observation skills and that is our first journal. I am excited to hear more about the way you use them too. Thanks for sharing.

    Delia Garrett Ed.D


  8. No….I haven’t used them in my classroom. To be honest, journaling seems to be a weak point of mine. I know that I have to give kids more opportunities to write, that is why I have made that a goal of mine this year.


  9. I haven’t done a lot of Science journals either. I loved science as a kid, and yet I find it really hard to teach in Kindergarten. Any suggestions would be great! There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to fit everything in.



  10. No idea- would LOVE to see what you come up with. Integrating Science/SS/Health is not my strength. Anything that incorporates writing would be awesome. THANK YOU!!


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