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The Gingerbread Man 2011 The Musical/Silent Auction and Day 5 & 6

In addition to our GBM hunt around the globe, we have spent MONTHS (since Halloween) preparing for a musical, The Tale of the Gingerbread Man that we found from Heidi Songs.  On Thursday, December 15th, 125 of our Kindergarten kiddos performed this musical for their parents (totaling over 400 guests!!).  The children helped to create the set (painting trees, etc.) and we helped to collect and make simple costumes–most were supplied by the families.

We also had a silent auction in conjunction with this event.  The children wanted to do something to help our local Habitat for Humanity after our field trip there in early November.  We decided to created gingerbread homes to auction off to raise money!  To date, our total is around $600!  Not bad for a 20 minute silent auction! 🙂  Here are some pictures of the creation of the g-bread homes…we had LOTS of parent help and knocked these out in about 2 hours! 🙂


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During the day or two before the musical, we did lots of practicing on the risers and received some quick letters from the GBM which I forgot to take pictures of!!  We got letters from Brazil, Africa, Canada, and Russia.

When we visited Brazil, we learned about the legend of the dancing turtle and we made pattern block turtles.

In Africa,we learned about the coffee ceremony that takes place when children are adopted from Africa.  We also looked at coffee beans.

In Canada, we read The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett and learned a little bit about the climate in Canada.

In Russia, we learned about The Mitten and used the printables from Jan Brett’s website to make drama props to help us retell the story.

The Gingerbread Man Math 2011

To tie in some math, we measured the perimeter of a GBM using different math materials I already had in my classroom.  I traced a random GBM and then put the math materials in the copy machine to create the recording page.  The children rotated from table to table and measured the perimeter of the GBM.

The Gingerbread Man 2011 Day 3 & 4

This is the package we received when the GBM visited Israel.  We learned about the celebration of Hanukkah and read Mrs. Greenburg’s Messy Hanukkah.  We also talked about the Menorah and how all of the candles are important to the celebration of Hanukkah.  The GBM also brought us paper menorah’s to cut out and color.


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Next, we went to Conner Prairie (our Living History Museum) and saw the gingerbread houses.  We also “chased” the GBM through Conner House, met the little old woman, and ventured to the barn to ask the animals if they had seen the GBM run through their barn.  Finally, we met up with the GBM in the main building and we got to have our picture taken with him!

Kristen 🙂

The Gingerbread Man 2011 Day 1 & 2

Yes, I’m still alive!  My internet has been really slow and I can’t upload pictures when it’s running so slowly!  Here are some more details about this year’s visit from the GBM!

Here is the package that starts it all!  The GBM left us this package, some money, our passports, and a trail of cookie crumbs and gumdrops.  When we opened it, we found out that the GBM had taken our cookies (that we were supposed to make a graph with later in the day) and has gone looking for different customs and celebrations around the world.  He says he will be sending us more letters so that we can learn about the customs and celebrations as well.  He took the cookies so he would have something to eat on his journey.  Each time we get a letter, we are supposed to find that country on a map and after learning about a celebration or custom in that country, we write about it in our passport.

The second day (which was really two days after we got the 1st package), we got a letter and some books from Mexico.  My kids get excited every year when the package comes from Mexico because they know that the Monarch Butterflies we have spent so much time learning about in the fall are in Mexico waiting for winter to be over with.  The GBM even mentions them in this letter!  We also read Adelita (the Mexican Cinderella story) adn P is for Pinata to learn more about some celebrations that happen in Mexico.  We learned about Las Posadas, Cinco de Mayo (Mexico’s independence day, mostly celebrated in the U.S.), and Los dias de Muerto (day of the dead–Halloween).


The kids wanted to see if they could trick the GBM into coming back to visit so they could catch him, so we came up with this note… 🙂

Kristen 🙂


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