New Math Work Stations

Here are some new Math Work Stations I have introduced in the 2 weeks we have been back in school since our Winter Break.  These are aligned to meet with the Quarter 3 Common Core Math Standards (as they are sequenced for Indiana)

This game was taken from an idea that was on the K-5 Math Teaching Resources page.  I modified it into a “Math talk” sentence (as suggested by Debbie Diller) for my Math Work Stations.  The two children working at this station each pick a card from their pile.  They turn it over and decide which number is less than the other and write those numbers in the appropriate blanks.  The “Math talk” page is inside a sheet protector (as are most of my math sheets so they can be reused).  The children write their answers with a dry-erase marker and erase with an old sock.

This game is also from the site mentioned above.  The children roll a die (1-6) or you can have them roll 2 dice if you would like them to practice larger numbers.  They then need to make a pile of chips that is less than that number, equal to that number, and a pile that is greater than that number.

This is an activity box that I got from Lakeshore.  There are 3 activity cards that come in this box and I’ve just put this card out so that the children can explore the 3D shapes before we talk about faces, edges, and vertices later this month.  The children predict what they think each shape will do before letting it move down the ramp, by making a check in one of the first two columns.  They then experiment with the 3D shapes and find out how the shapes actually get down the ramp.

The other two cards ask the children to identify the number of faces, edges, and vertices that each 3D shape has (those cards will be out in the next month).  This kit is nice because it comes with 3 sizes of each of the shapes (small, medium, and large), so that I could make three different Math Work Stations from this one kit (now that I’ve typed that, I think I will! 🙂  ).

In this partner game (also inspired by K-5 Math Teaching Resources), the children learn about quickly reading a ten frame.  One partner shows a ten frame and the other student writes the number they thought they quickly saw on that ten frame on the dry erase board.

This game is directly from K-5 Math Teaching Resources.  It’s called Shake 5 and Spill.  If you are familiar with Shake the Beans (I’ve posted on that before), this is very similar.  The children have 5 counters in a cup and they shake them up.  They then spill them out and using the recording sheet (provided on the K-5 Math site), record their way to make 5.  You can see in the picture that we are using red and yellow crayons to help represent the colored sides of the counters.

Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Thank you so much for your math activities and referencing the k-5 math site. What a wonderful place to find math games. I love it!


  2. I enjoyed all your math center ideas. However, the link to the site you referenced would not work for me. Am I the only one with this problem?


  3. Love the workstation ideas. I just subscribed to your blog. If you get a chance, stop by my new one! I have been “stalking” your blog forever to check out your awesome ideas:)



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