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I’m trying to get caught up on blogging!  I’ve been so busy (and took some time off for Fall Break), so I thought I needed to get back to blogging.

On my first day back from Fall Break, I attended an awards luncheon for the PAEMST (Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching) Award Finalists.  I was named one of six finalists for the state of Indiana.  I am now waiting to see if I am chosen as the state winner for Science, but I probably won’t know until May next year.  Here are a couple of pictures from the luncheon.



This is my husband with me.  He’s way taller than me, so I had to stand up a few steps to kind of be as tall as him!

This is me with the other five finalists.  The three science finalists are on the left and the math finalists are on the right.

I’m excited and humbled to be presented with this honor and there are so many people who have helped to get me to where I am as a teacher today and for them, I am very grateful!

Kristen 🙂

A Giveaway!

My Kindergarten friend and fellow blogger Kaci Hoffer (from Mrs. Hoffer’s Kindergarten) is having an AMAZING giveaway on her blog until Thursday…not only can you win a personalized 31 Retro Metro tote (a MUST for every teacher), but you can win 13 different units/packs/games from the rest of my Kindergarten blogging friends!  the 13 units are all awesome and I’ve thrown my Ten Frame BINGO into the tote as well!

Visit Mrs. Hoffer’s blog here to enter to win! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

Indianapolis Chapter Early Childhood Conference

If you attended my Science workshop today, here is the Power Point I shared (and if you didn’t, it’s okay to look too!).  Please e-mail me or contact me by e-mail ( or by leaving a comment below. 🙂

Thanks for coming!  I hope you got lots of inexpensive science ideas to use in your early childhood classrooms!

Kristen 🙂


More Target Dollar Spot Fun

Hi All!

I created a pack to help with the composition and decomposition of numbers to 20.  This pack also uses the small Halloween/Fall themed erasers found in the Target Dollar Spot.  To play, you will need to purchase one bag each of the cats, ghosts, and pumpkin erasers (they come in bags of 60).  I’m going to be using this activity in my new Math Work Stations for this 9 weeks.  Head on over to my Teacher’s Pay Teachers store to purchase it:

(click on the picture below to go there)


I’ll be back soon with some more freebies that I’ve created today for my Math Work Stations.

Top Teacher’s Kinderland

HI All!

I’m enjoying a nice week of Fall Break this week and am getting some posts ready to share with you!

In the mean time, I wanted share with you a new blog that lots of my Kindergarten blogging friends and I will be sharing on!  It’s called, Top Teacher’s Kinderland.  Lots of the top Kindergarten teachers from across the USA will be sharing great ideas to use in your K class room, along with freebies, and new activities for sale on Teacher’s Pay Teachers.  We will share tips, tricks, and ideas for math, literacy, science…everything!

We’re still getting everything finalized, but be sure to head on over and check it out!  Shauna has already posted a little something for you!

Click the picture to go there or the Top Teacher’s Kinderland picture in the left sidebar below. 🙂

Kristen 🙂

Another Table Scatter activity!

I made a ten frame table scatter activity to go with the cards I posted earlier in the week:

You can get it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!


Kristen 🙂

Number Dice Toss

We played five versions of number dice toss last week to help us recognize numbers and practice writing them:

I found two cute versions at Little Miss Kindergarten that we used:

We used this schoolhouse version and also her cute school bus roll and color!

I also used this great one from Confessions of a Homeschooler:

I then hopped over to Teachers Pay Teachers and purchased this unit from Deedee Wills:

We played Share with the Bear and Harvest Time from this pack.


I also added in my own Number Dice Toss game:

We had fun practicing our numbers and these were so easy because all you needed were the papers and the dice! 🙂

Kristen 🙂


Target Table Scatter

I found this cute table scatter a few weeks ago in the Target Dollar spot.  I only picked up the pumpkins and the leaves (I wanted to stay away from Halloween type things), but there were 3 or 4 other kinds available.

I knew I could use it for some fun math activities, so I made up some some pattern cards.  You can download them in my Teacher’s Pay Teachers Store.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out my sale on several of my items–they are 10% off until tomorrow!

Kristen 🙂

Monarch Butterflies

Last week, we did lots of activities to help us learn about the Monarch Butterfly.

First, we read this book:

We then made life cycle bracelets to help us remember how a Monarch grows and changes:

Here are what each of the beads represent:

I set up the containers of beads this way and the sticky flags tell the kids how many of each color they need.  They grab their pipe cleaner and string their beads on as they move through the tubs.


We also made “squishy” bags:

First the gold bead is the egg, then the pipe cleaner is the caterpillar.  The leaf shape represents the chrysalis and the butterfly bead is of course the Monarch!

I got all the beads/leaves at Jo-Anns a few years ago and purchased enough to get me through!

I put them in out in the smallest Ziploc containers and the kids just picked out the number of each thing they needed.  They put them in the bag and then came to see me.  I squirted in a good amount of hair gel (got it at the Dollar Tree–3 bottles have lasted me 2 years now!) in their bag, sealed it up, and taped it shut.

Kristen 🙂

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