Kinderland Collaborative!

If you love Pinterest as much as I do, you’ve got to follow this board called Kinderland Collaborative!  A bunch of my blogging friends have teamed up to bring you the best Kindergarten and 1st grade pins!  We already have 440,000 followers, so click below to go there and start following us! 🙂


Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Hi Kristen!
    I stumbled across your Kinderland Collaborative board today and LOVE it. I am a teacher-turned stay-at-home mom and I have a blog called Your Teacher’s Aide where I provide tips and resources for teachers (mostly geared toward primary grades). I would be very interested in joining your collaborative board, if that is even an option. I wasn’t sure if it was the kind of board that accepted new members, but I thought it was worth checking out 🙂 I don’t do spam pinning (just a few pins a week, max) and they are always relevant to the board’s topic. You can check out my site to see if my focus is a good fit for your board’s content, if you’d like. Again, I won’t be offended if the board is a closed one- I just thought I’d ask. Have a great week! 🙂
    – Kaitlin


  2. Hi Kristen-

    I have been a long time follower of Kinderland and would love to join the Kinderland Pinterest board if that is an option. You can see my Pinterest boards at

    I’d love to collaborate with Kinderland.



  3. I am a bilingual teacher and would love to pin on your board so I can reach more bilingual teachers. Is it possible to join?


    • Hi Alma,
      I am not in charge of adding new pinners to the Kinderland board, but I do know that no new pinners are currently being accepted. I will let the moderators know you are interested though! 🙂
      Kristen 🙂


  4. Hello Kristen…
    Wow, stumbled onto your site today! Amazing resources! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it until now! I have been teaching kindergarten for 25 years and love it so much. I have a blog that I have been working on for about the last year and love to swap ideas and network with other kinder teachers around the country. I would love the opportunity to pin ideas to your awesome Pinterest Board if you are accepting new contributors :o)
    Here is the link to my Pinterest. Thanks so much, and great work!!

    Pam Davidson
    Little Bird Kindergarten


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