Creative Help! :)

I’m in a creative slump here…and I need your help!  I’d like to create some more items to sell (or that could be freebies) in my Tpt store…but I’m stuck on ideas…is there anything you need for your classroom that I might be able to create for you?  I’ll try to get to all requests as fast as I can, but if you can give me a time frame for when you might need it, I can hopefully get them done for you! 🙂  Once they are done, I’ll post them for sale and the original contributor will receive their item for free. 🙂


Any ideas?? 🙂  I’ll do my best to create something for you.  I do have a large collection of clip art, but there are some items I might not be able to create, so I’ll let you know if that happens. 🙂


Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Cecilia Bartram

    I would love to have more subtraction facts to 20 expecially with 10 frame examples.


  2. Kristen, You have so many great ideas that I can’t believe you’re in a slump. Tens and Ones are on my list of teaching topics and I’m wondering if you can come up an ice cream parlor that uses a menu board shows tens and ones for prices and how many dimes and pennies it would take to buy scoops of ice cream for worksheets and a possible “dramatic play” area to use the skills.


  3. theteachernextdoor

    Hi Kristen, My students could use more practice with simple reading comprehension items. They are kindergarten children, but we are beginning to have them do simple “test” type answers to simple reading paragraphs. We are especially trying to focus on non-fiction reading. But I think that both fiction and non-fiction would be wonderful. For example: A short simple easy read paragraph on butterflies followed by 2-3 questions. The questions could be multiple choice or short sentence answer. We are working on complete sentences as well as learning to “bubble-in”. Can you tell our school district is heavy on testing…. I my not agree, but that is where we are. Of course Common-Core aligned is a must. Thank you for considering my request. Terry Yordan Sunnyvale, CA


  4. I am looking for something new and different with butterflies. That is not much to go on but the students are so excited about their arrival.

    I do not have any idea how you do all you do. Your work is outstanding.


  5. I would love a packet on working with 2 vowels go a walk-in the first one does the talking. Centers. Sooo hard to find ones.


  6. My kindergarten students just finished learning about imports and exports. We checked clothing labels and school supplies for country of origin. Do you think you could jazz it up? Our next unit is caring for the Earth. I would also like some two-step kindergarten math story problems.


  7. I would like a packet of simple addition and subtraction. If you could come up with some creative way of making it fun for students I would greatly appreciate it!


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