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Last week, I shared how I was thinking about Science Notebooks.  I promised I would share some pictures of the science notebooks we made at my workshop this two weeks ago.  I hope the ideas help you set up your own notebooks (and I’ll be better about posting the entries we make this year).  One of the things we did during my workshop was to set up all our notebooking pages for our entire science curriculum.  We looked at the point of the lesson and developed focus questions and other elements that we will put in our notebook.

On to the pictures:
IMG_5536Here is the science notebook on the outside.  We use a spiral notebook (80 pages) and duct taped the edges. IMG_5537

We added a straw to the edge and pinched off the end with duct tape so that your pencil will not fall out. 🙂


Next, we added a Table of Contents (this will be available as a Fan Freebie on my Facebook Page tomorrow. 🙂 You will just need to “like” my FB page to get it. 🙂


A 6×9 sized envelope is a great way to store items that cannot be glued in.  These envelopes are from Office Depot and are called Clear Clasp.  There is no clasp on these envelopes, but they are gummed and stay sticky for a pretty long time. 🙂IMG_5540

Here, we used duct tape to tape a quart size baggie into our science notebook.  This is another great way to store extras in your notebook (Reading/Science A-Z books, etc.) that you want your kiddos to have access to. 🙂  The green ribbon you see serves as a place holder/bookmark for my kiddos.  We put the ribbon on the page we stop on for the day and we know where to start the next day.  I use a piece of duct tape to tape the ribbon on the inside of the back cover (near the top) and then just drape it over when it’s needed. IMG_5541

Here is a quick way to create a pocket on any page in your notebook.  Just fold the page down towards you and glue.  Then run a thin line of glue across the bottom and up the short side to glue it down to the page behind it. Instant pocket! IMG_5542

Now what if you’re going on a field trip and you want to take your science notebooks with you?  Science notebooks on the go!  Using that awesome duct tape, tape on some thick yarn (you could braid it to make it even thicker!) on to the top of the bag and you’re good to go!  You could even put the tape on first and then punch holes through the tape for added durability. IMG_5543Here is the notebook ready to go!  You can also have your kiddos collect things they find on field trips (leaves, maps, etc.) in their bag.

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m going to be using your wonderful ideas with my kindergarten and first graders in the fall!


  2. Thanks again Kristen for your wonderful ideas! This is something I will definitely be using in my classroom this year. I bought all one color (purple) to make it easier initially for my kindergarteners to find their Science Notebooks. I got some really strange looks tonight in the store on my hands and knees searching through the notebooks for only purple! I also bought black notebooks for a co-worker who is going to try this with me. I really raised eyebrows when I checked out with 60 notebooks! We would love to see some more ideas for our students’ Science Notebooks in you Tpt store….we can’t wait!!!


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