Classroom 2013-2014 Set Up

I went to school today to start setting up my classroom and I took some pictures of how everything was when I finished for the day.  MANY thanks to my wonderful husband for coming along and helping me get the big furniture set up! I’ll explain what each area is under each picture.  I stood in the middle of the room and took pictures all the way around and then some close up shots. 🙂

Small Group Supplies

This is where I will store my supplies for my small groups.  The two white crates store intervention materials.  On top of that are extra supplies, my do-a-dot stampers, and in the two blue tubs-dry erase markers. Storage under Promethean Board

Last year, I used these shelves so my students could store supplies near their tables.  This year, I’m storing their supplies differently, so I am using these shelves to store materials under my Promethean Board.  I have the dry erase boards on the left and clipboards on the right.  Easily accessible when we need them during our large group work. 🙂Large Group area and easel

This is where I sit when we are doing something whole group.  You can see my easel and part of my ELMO off to the left.  The green bulletin board (it will soon have black paper on it) will be my focus wall for our reading series. Small Group table

This is a look at my small group table, where the small group supplies are stored and the shelves that store lots of my materials are. Loft/House

Student tables.  I’m trying something new this year and pushing all 6 of my smaller tables together.  It may or may not work…but I want to give it a shot.  They will store their supplies in the middle of the tables in the dead space that happens there.  See those tubs that are on the tables?  I cleared out all the stuff in them before school got out for the summer!  Most of it was donated. You should see how clean the closet is now! 😉Student Tables

The other two student tables, my sink area, and my new aquarium!  Any good ideas for fish I should put in it? 🙂 You can also see the open door to our storage closet (I share with the teacher next door–she has a door directly on the other side of mine).  To the right of that is our “office”–AKA a spot to store more stuff! 🙂Closets

Looking towards the hallway.  The blue cabinets to the left are where the kids hang their coats and backpacks.  Library/Closets

Way in the back is my bookshelf with all my read aloud/theme books.  Then you see the backs of our computers and in the front, is part of the library. Light Table/Promethean

Here is the light table.  I’m bringing it back out!  I think the kids will love playing with it and they will be able to retell stories and build with the clear LEGOS on it. 🙂Promethean Board/ELMO

Back around to the whole group area. Library

A picture of the libraryMath Work Station Storage

My new cart for storing Math Work Stations! 🙂Baggie Book/Supply Storage

This is how I store my school supplies that the kids bring in.  On top are our baggie books that the kids take home with their homework packets. Small Group Table

Once I get this table cleaned off, it will be my small group intervention table that my assistant can use. 🙂Curtain Rods to cover shelves

I’m making curtains for these shelves along the back of my room and this is how I’m hanging the curtains.  My hubby put the hooks up for me today and I just got tension rods (because they were the cheapest!) and made them the correct length.  You can kind of see them in the picture showing my small group table up above. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m headed to IKEA!! 🙂  Then time to make the curtains to cover up these shelves! 🙂

What do you think so far?

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Where did you get the hooks for the tension rods?


  2. Okay….thank you very much….I head back in 2 weeks.


  3. Looks great! Where did you get the metal shelves you use for storage?



  4. Kathleen Behrens

    I love your library area, so cozy!


  5. I like your color and shape posters. Can you buy them somewhere?


  6. Hi , Love what you did so far. Is that a loft in your room. Do you have a play area with cars, trucks, blocks, housekeeping etc?


  7. Oh to have a loft or house in my room. Such a lucky bunch of kiddos.
    Thanks for your post.


  8. Love seeing these pictures – and I agree with Kathleen about such a cozy reading area. I’d curl up in there! Thanks for sharing these. 🙂


  9. Always so inspiring, Kristen!! Wonderful ideas—I love the storage of your materials on the shelves against the wall (I think it was near the green bulletin board??). Thanks for sharing!!!


  10. Sorry—it was the one near your small group work area. Lovely! For your light table, have you seen this letter construction set:
    My students loved it last year:)


  11. Thanks for sharing! You have a huge room. I wish I had the space. I will take that step tomorrow. I’m excited and sad. Excited to get started and create a effective, fun learning environment and sad that if i’m setting up my room then the first day of school is near.


  12. Extremely jealous of your large room complete with loft, house and promethian board! Children cannot help but love and learn in your room!


  13. I LOVE your room! Lots of storage possibilities!


  14. Thanks for sharing! Where did you find the 10 drawer storage on wheels?


  15. Your room looks awesome! Seems really big too (luck duck). Did you get the drawers on wheels (Math Work Stations) from Really Good Stuff?


  16. Hi I was wondering where did you get the cubes from? Also, how do you send home the book bags? Do you have themes or do you send home level books? I am a new teacher and thought about doing that this year. If you could give me some pointers, I would really really be thankful.


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