New Math Work Stations

Here are my first Math Work Stations for the year:


The first activity is from my Stamp a Number or Letter pack.  The children will use the do-a-dot stampers to stamp the numbers the appropriate colors (we’ve gone over how to use the color words hung in the room to help us figure out the color).  We’ve also talked about how to use the color word from the side of the bottle to help use as well. IMG_0983

I got this page from a Didax Education book called Dice Activities for Math.  The children roll the die and write the corresponding number in the box–they do not draw the dots. 🙂IMG_0984

This page is from Little Miss Kindergarten.  It’s free on her blog. 🙂IMG_0985

This activity is from my Rainbow Pom-Pom Toss pack.  I shared this with you last week.  My kiddos LOVE it, so I promised I would put it out again for them to use. 🙂


Another Roll and Cover activity from Little Miss Kindergarten. 🙂IMG_0987

I’ve had this one in my pins on Pinterest for awhile. 🙂  It was created by one of my very first blogging friends Donna Glynn. IMG_0988
This activity is from my 2D Shapes Game Pack.  The children use the do-a-dot stampers again to stamp the shapes the correct color. There are 6 games in this pack and I’ve just finished laminating all of them to phase into my Math Work Stations and small math group work. 🙂


This activity is also from the 2D Shapes Game pack mentioned above.  The children will grab one of the cards I just laminated and look at what shape it is.  They will then color one of that shape on this recording sheet and put the card into the discard pile.  IMG_0990

From my 2D Shapes Game pack, this activity the kiddos love because it involves dice!  I programmed 2 dice with these 4 shapes.  I left two sides blank for now (didn’t want to weight the chances of getting one shape over another!!).  The children roll a die and draw the shape in the correct box. IMG_0991In this last tub, the children will use math mats that I made (I need to get a picture of them!) and place the correct number of objects on them.  For example, the fish at the top left get placed into numbered fish bowls (on the mats).  The stars go on a moon, the red pom-poms go on apple trees, the dinosaurs go into toy boxes, the pumpkins go on a fence, and the stars go on a flag.  I created the mats based on the types of erasers I have.

I have quite a collection as you can see!  I got some of these from the Target Dollar Spot, the Dollar Tree, but most came from a local supply place we have here called KIPP Brothers.  They have all sorts of erasers and when they open to the public, I go!  Shipping is free that way! 🙂

IMG_0980I’m going to work on some more mats soon and when I do, I’ll post them in my TPT store. 🙂

Kristen 🙂

About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Where do you get your bingo dotters??


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