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New Math Work Station Games

Here are some new games I added to my Math Work Station tubs:


I made this game so my kiddos could practice identifying 3D shapes.  They have the choice of drawing the 3D shape or just making an “x” in the box. IMG_1122

3D Spin a Shape is available in my 3D Shapes Pack.  The children place a paper clip on the circle and place their pencil tip in the paper clip and spin.  They color in the corresponding shape on the sheet. IMG_1123

This is another game I made up quickly so that my kiddos could practice recognizing the 3D shapes. IMG_1124

3D Shape Grab is also available in my 3D Shapes Pack.  The children place the cards upside down and pick a card from that pile.  They say the name of the 3D shape and record it on their sheet.  Some of my kiddos like to draw the object that is represented on their recording sheet, while others just like to color in the shape.  I want the kiddos to recognize 3D shapes in their world, so there are lots of 3D shape and real world examples included in the stack of cards.

Kristen 🙂

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