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Raise your hand if…

Raise your hand if May is crazy busy for you!  I know it seems almost worse than the holidays for me!  School gets out tomorrow and there are so many things still to do…putting my classroom away for 2 months and getting it organized in the process is on the top of my list!  I feel like I’ve neglected my blog for awhile…I’ve just been too busy!  I’m getting lots of of fun posts ready and working on some ideas for sharing with you during the summer….kind of like I did last summer.

Anyway…here’s what I’ve been up to that’s kept me away…

1) Teaching 🙂  There are so many things to wrap up at the end of the year…I come home exhausted every night.

2) Exercise…I’ve been working out 2 days a week with our fabulous, amazing gym teacher.  He is trained in CrossFit–like aerobics mixed with boot camp–very intense, but I’ve got some nice looking shoulders, arms, and thigh muscles…couldn’t be happier about it, but it wears a girl out!  I’ve lost about 15 pounds since February, so I’m hoping to keep it up this summer.  I just ordered some kettlebell DVD’s on Amazon and will be working out with those during the summer.

3) My son’s birthday!  I can’t believe he’s 10 already!  I’m going to do my next post about his birthday party and all the fun we had!

4) The Indy 500–I was asked to attend the Indy 500 with one of my sweet students this year–her dad is a driver in the race!!  We were able to sit in their family suite and had an AMAZING time!  I was so glad to be able to share in that experience with her–but I have no idea how to say thank you to her family for allowing my family to attend–my son said it was the best birthday present ever!


This was our view for the race…Oh My Goodness!! Right over the famous Yard of Bricks!!  Incredible! 🙂IMG_1988

The Birthday Boy’s Birthdate in lights!IMG_1999The front straightaway looking down towards turn 1!!  We were able to go out on to the Pagoda balcony to watch the race from there. AMAZING!!  An incredible day we won’t soon forget!! 🙂


Indiana Bloggers Dollar Sale!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 6.56.56 PMIn honor of the Indy 500 and race weekend here in Indianapolis, a bunch of Indiana bloggers are having a Dollar Sale today and tomorrow!  I have some of my back to school products on sale so that you can get them before school starts!

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 6.59.19 PM

August Problem Solving Pack

September Problem Solving Pack

These are my products that are each $1 for today and tomorrow only!!  Click on each of the pictures to get them for yourself!! 🙂


TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 6.41.55 PM

If you haven’t heard the news, TpT is having a site wide sale for Teacher Appreciation Week!  Use the code TPTXO to get up to 28% off some great resources!  My entire store will be on sale, so be sure to stock up on everything!!


Spring Clean-Up Blog Hop!


Thanks for “hopping” by!  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of all the CD’s I’ve collected over the years sitting around my classroom!  It was a bit difficult to teach my Kinders how to use the CD’s in our Listening Center!  I had several CD’s that I wasn’t able to locate on-line anymore to get replacements for, so I decided to look for a way to transfer my CD collection to my computer and then on to several iPods…MUCH better!!  Its REALLY easy to make it happen and you can save your CD collection for when you accidentally erase these off your computer! 🙂

CD to iPod Tutorial1

CD to iPod Tutorial2Each month when I add new books to my iPods, I take the previous month’s books off.  I do this for two reasons…one, so that I don’t have to keep an entire year’s worth of books in the bucket that the iPods and headphones stay in (there isn’t enough room) and two, so that it forces my kiddos to listen to and try out new stories.  I always read aloud at least 1/2 of the books I have on the iPod at any given time, just to build up their excitement…then I have 3-4 more “mystery” books included on the iPod that they don’t know about until they go to the Listening Station.

Now that I have the process down…it takes me about 10 minutes to transfer the new books on and take the old books off.  I have a folder in iTunes on my school computer for each month, so if I find I want to change the order of the books around, I can just drag the book to a new folder or I can add to them throughout the year!

I also have team mates who have always wanted to borrow my CD’s because we didn’t have enough copies, so now that I have these saved on my computer, they can have their kiddos listen using my CD’s!

Also, there are some books that there just aren’t CD’s for…so with the help of my 9 year old…we use Garage Band and a microphone to record our own books on CD!  Its really easy to drop in a background track and add some turn the page signals.  The kids get a BIG kick out of hearing my voice read to them!

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