Magical Monday #1

It’s back!!! I’m bringing back my summer blog posts from last summer.  Each day of the week (minus Sat/Sun) will have a theme and I will blog about something a little different each day. 🙂

First up, is Magical Monday!

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This is a new board I’ve started on Pinterest, where I pin all my “magical” ideas that are currently inspiring me!  You can click the banner above to see all my pins.

I want to share my son’s birthday with you!  He turned 10 at the end of May and wanted a water themed birthday party.  I was relieved at his theme choice because he is usually so specific and this was a more general theme!

I rent out a shelter from our local park (I don’t have to clean my house!!) every year for this birthday because he really likes the outdoors–and with a water theme, well…he wanted water balloons!

OrientalTrading1To go along with the water theme, the nice people at Oriental Trading sent me some party favors and games to help pump up the fun!!  Here is a picture of the favor bags each guest went home with, flip flop erasers, and some cute water themed candy ideas!  Each favor bag contained a Fun Squeeze Fish Squirt, flip flop erasers, and some bubbles.


Everyone came dressed in their swimsuits for the water balloon fight and then the kids all dried off by doing the LIMBO!!  This inflatable LIMBO set is from Oriental Trading…just one trick to setting this up; don’t forget to bring the sand to weigh down the limbo stands–ask how I know!! 🙂  My hubby and sister were happy to help hold it up for the kids though, so no fun was lost!!  I turned on a little Chubby Checker and the kids had a blast!  Here is the birthday boy showing how low he can go! 🙂


Here’s a look at the table that we set up for the party.  In addition to their goody bag, each guest also got a foam visor to wear to protect them from the sun, and a blue, water colored lei!


After pizza, lots of water, and some candy, the kids were ready for the next game!


The birthday boy and his guests loved playing this Going Bananas Monkey Bean Bag Toss Game!!  Even my young niece who attended the party was able to play!  Because we were in a park, we used some sticks we found laying on the ground to mark the throwing line.  3 bananas and 3 chances, each player got a mini beach ball for playing. 🙂IMG_7419



Next, we played Go Fish Toss/3 in a row.  I loved this game when I picked it out because it is 2 sided.  IMG_7421

On one side, you can play Go Fish…there are pink and yellow balls that come with the game (its also inflatable, so it packs up nice and small when you are done!).  To play, each player tries to get their color ball in the same number space; each opening is numbered.  IMG_7422

On the other side, you play 3 in a row.  Its like tic-tac-tow…but you toss the balls into the openings instead of using x’s and o’s. 🙂IMG_7423

After all the fun, it was time for cake! 🙂


What are your favorite party themes?

Join my linky party and tell me all about your favorite party theme!

Thanks so much to the wonderful folks at Oriental Trading for sending me all these goodies that made my son’s party so much fun!!


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I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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