Using our noodle to GoNoodle!

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I’m teaming up with GoNoodle and a bunch of other amazing bloggers to share our favorite things about GoNoodle!  Make sure you read all the way to the end, because there will be a surprise waiting for you!

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t survive the day without all the AMAZING content that GoNoodle has to offer! We use GoNoodle to help us navigate through those tough transition times of day!

We LOVE to get our day started with “I Get Loose” by KooKoo Kangaroo!  This was the first song I played on the first day of school this year and it kind of just stuck since then as “our song”! The kiddos have some crazy moves to help get the blood flowing for the day of learning ahead.

*One tip to add here: Beginning on the first day of school, I teach my students that as soon as a GoNoodle activity/dance/exercise is over, they need to sit down as quietly as possible on the carpet.  I do this for two reasons, one so that I can go on with our next activity quickly, and two, so that if they do sit down quietly, I can reward them with yet another GoNoodle activity!*

IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1875

We will often use a video that I’ve uploaded to GoNoodle from YouTube to help make the transition from our Literacy Work Stations, to cleaning up, to getting back to the carpet.  I play an alphabet song or one of the AirTime activities and it just draws everyone to the carpet.  It really helps speed cleaning up along, so we are getting more learning time in!



We also use a brain break just before Writer’s Workshop.  I tend to find that my kiddos are better listeners when they have had a few minutes to get some wiggles out!  We usually throw in “Get Yo’ Body Movin'” or “Energy” from Fresh Start to help get the blood pumping and the extra energy out! A few minutes spent on a great brain break equals about 20-25 minutes of really great, focused working time! A huge payback for a little investment! 🙂

IMG_1894 IMG_1895

There are some days when we have Specials classes where not lots of movement happens, so I like to have my kiddos do a more energetic brain break just before leaving to go there so they can focus on that work as well.

IMG_1896  IMG_1899

Another transition time where GoNoodle really comes in handy is at the end of the day.  We have Discovery Centers, where the children pick what centers they would like to play/socialize at.  Some take a bit longer to clean up than others, so putting on a brain break gives those sweet kiddos who were at the computers something to do while we wait on our friends who played with our HexBugs or in our Home Living area!  The kiddos each get their backpacks and come right to the carpet.


This is the time of day when I like to try out new brain breaks.  Everyone is a little more chilled out and sharing something new with them, just peps them up a little before going home! No matter when we finish a brain break, they all know to sit right down so we can get started on the next thing!

IMG_1902 IMG_1903

Who can forget about the Champ Certificates?!?!  Last year, we printed off 15 of those bad boys!  🙂  This year, we’ve already maxed out 3 silly champs and are close to number 4!

Now how about some GoNoodle Swag for you and your kiddos??? GoNoodle is letting each of us giveaway a special prize to one lucky winner!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 6.25.47 PM

I get to giveaway 25 of these COOL Eraselets!! They’re super fun bracelets that double as an eraser!! How fun is that???  And they are complete with some of your favorite GoNoodle Champs!!

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on THIS post!  I’ll pick a winner on September 11th!

There’s MORE great news too!!  Just for all of you lucky teachers out there, GoNoodle has given all of us a special code to use  in the GoNoodle Shop to save 15% off everything!!  Use the code BTSwithGoNoodle to save! This code is valid from September 4th-September 11th, 2015.

Leave your comments and I’ll pick that winner on September 11th!

Be sure to check out GoNoodle’s blog to read LOTS of other ways teachers are using GoNoodle in their classrooms too!


About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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  1. Go Noodle has been a favorite in my class since they started the site. Love how the kids can get lots of energy out and be ready to learn some more.


  2. My first graders love GoNoodle! It’s a great way to “shake the wiggles out” or to “achieve calm” in order to better focus and concentrate.


  3. Go Noodle has been a favorite of mine and the kids! It’s a great way to get kids moving and ready for the next step!


  4. Love go noodle! Can’t wait to introduce it to this year’s class next week!


  5. My kidlets love Go Noodle ! We use it for rewards at the end of the day in addition to brain breaks.


  6. GoNoodle was introduced to our school by our PE teacher. She is always helping us learn more about house exercise in short spurts helps the kids physically and mentally. Brain Breaks are some of our favorite parts of the day! I agree with You, Kristen, that it is a small investment that increases focused learning!


  7. What an awesome giveaway! My students love go noodle.


  8. My students love go noodle! Thanks for being a part of the giveaway!


  9. GoNoodle rocks! The kids are moving and engaging their brains & bodies – while smiling and having fun! I love it!!


  10. My kinders absolutely love Go Noodle as do I!!! Pop See Koo 2.0 was my most requested tune last year. This year, who knows??? I am excited to share many, many activities and have been going through the site to check out the new additions as well as check things out that I didn’t get to last year!


  11. I could not survive without GN😀. My kids love all the music and movement. This year, I actually have time built into my schedule… admin with not give me that look😒. Kids also can’t wait to get the 10 points for our monster to change. Love GoNoodle!

    PS…..I also get my exercise in😄


  12. Love gonoodle…I work with kiddos who have behavior issues, and they have really responded to using go noodle as a brain break.


  13. I love GoNoodle! My favorite channel is Koo Koo Kanga Roo!


  14. We love GoNoodle! Thanks for the opportunity!


  15. I have been using GoNoodle since my Apple TV and screen was set up in my Kindergarten room! It is a great resource and I always appreciate it being FREE and safe for kids! What a great motivator it is for clean up, getting work done, etc.


  16. Great giveaway! Thank you!


  17. My students have a ball with Go Noodle! It’s great for getting the teacher moving too!


  18. I love Go Noodle. Thanks for some other ideas to use it. I always use it at the end of the day. I also use it when I see they are not focused. I didn’t think of using it at the beginning of the day. Thanks for the suggestions!


  19. I use Go Noodle during indoor recess. My students (2nd graders) have the option to choose from an activity on Go Noodle or my assortment of indoor recess games/toys. Our favorite is Ninja Training.


  20. ive been using go noodle for a couple years now- we love it!


  21. I found GoNoodle last year. Love it!!!! The kids enjoy it too!!! We use it often to get those wiggles out and to get ready for the next activity.


  22. LOVE Go Noodle! Our school encourages us to use it, but I finally have better speakers, working projector, and the sun and moon are aligned! My kiddos are loving it! 🙂


  23. I love using GoNoodle in my kindergarten class. It’s quick and easy and has such variety. Thanks for specifically listing your favorites!


  24. I have to agree with everything that you mentioned about Go Noodle. This is such an awesome resource for any teacher to have and use. I use Go Noodle daily with my Kindergarten students. I couldn’t imagine a smoother day without it. Thanks Go Noodle for even existing!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊


  25. I haven’t tried GoNoodle yet (what is wrong with me?). I only heard about it recently. We start school tomorrow and I have definitely been motivated by what I’m reading and will be using it daily this year (starting tomorrow) !


  26. I LOVE GoNoodle. Last year was my first year using it and the students LOVED all of the activities. They would get so excited when we maxed out a champ! I also use it for transitions and before whole group teaching. We start on Wednesday with our kiddos and am excited to intro on the first day. Thanks for sharing. I am excited to check out the store with the discount code.


  27. I’ve never seen those bracelets before! So cool!!


  28. I would love to have these for my kids! Thanks for the chance…I would be new at using Go Noodle! I think it sounds awesome though!


  29. I found last year and absolutely LOVE it! We use it for brain breaks and the indoor recess ones are awesome! I tell all new teachers about it!


  30. I found go noodle last year and LOVE it! We use it for brain breaks (which kinders NEED) and I love the indoor recess ones! I tell all new teachers about go noodle!


  31. We LOVE GoNoodle!!


  32. I use it for transitions and schedule them throughout the day, but I like to have my class earn extra breaks, too!


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