I’ve had a few questions lately about how I write my lesson plan, so I thought I would share what I do. I used to use a paper template, but I always felt like I was wasting too much paper (my template took up 2 pages per day!) and I had to haul around a clunky 3 inch binder with me whenever I wanted to do plans.

I got so tired of it, so I decided to look for something new.  I wanted something portable, cost-effective, and easy to use.  I found it at 

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.04.47 PM

This is the login screen.  You are able to try it out for 14 days, completely FREE!  This is how I got hooked!  A friend told me about it and told me to try it out.  14 days was enough time to decide whether or not I liked it…and I did! 🙂Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.05.10 PM

I like that I have access to all my “planbooks” from the past two years.  I like going back to see what activities I did with my students the previous year.  I leave myself notes after I teach a lesson, to help modify it for the next year, so being able to see what not to do, or how to improve a lesson for the next year really helps! I can also share my planbooks with my colleagues.  They can see what I am doing each day in my room.  Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.05.29 PM

You can click on any week at a time and get your template set up! You have the option of where to put the days of the week headings, period headings, times, etc.  Just click on the week you need to get planning!Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.05.47 PM

Once you’ve clicked on a particular week, you can double click the boxes to start typing.  Each box is spell checked (great if you need to turn your plans in!) and you can add attachments to each box, so if you have a file, spreadsheet, flipchart, etc., to add, you can do that!  You can even insert links to websites.  I do this to video clips I want to show, or to a blog where the idea/inspiration came from, so I can find it again later.

After my planning is all done, I print a copy of my plans out.  I can have them ready if I get sick and need a sub, or just to help me remember what’s coming next.

This post was not sponsored by and the opinions are all my own.  It does lack the “cutesy” that I had with my paper planners, but I don’t mind that now!  I’m glad I don’t have to haul that binder around anymore and that I can access my planbook from my laptop and iPad, so planning can happen anytime I get a great idea. 🙂

I’ve just learned that you are able to link your planbooks up on Google Education–not sure how that works but there are how-to’s on’s website that show you how.

I hope you give it a try! I think you’ll like it. 🙂


About Kristen Poindexter

I am the 2014 National Shell Science Teacher, 2014 PAEMST Awardee for Science, and a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in teaching!

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