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We created these snowflakes using pattern block shapes I cut with my Silhouette Cameo. I love how each snowflake turned out completely different than all the others! No two looked exactly alike! We went back later and added a sheet showing how many of each shape we used. 

Kristen 🙂

STEM and The Gingerbread Man

Before we went on Winter Break, we tried to figure out ways that we could help the Gingerbread Man get across the river.  I put out several different (simple!) materials that I already had in my classroom and let my students go to town.


-popsicle sticks

-masking tape

-paint samples


-construction paper

-plastic cups


Here’s what they came up with!! I was IMPRESSED!! We had everything from simple suspension bridges to gondolas that would take the gingerbread man high up in the sky to get across the river!


Teachers Pay Teachers Sale



Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a sale…and you’re invited!  Starting tomorrow (January 20, 2016 and running through January 21st, 2016), my entire store will be on sale for 20% off!  Using the code START16, you can save an extra 8% for a total savings of 28% off!

Here are some of my products that you might want to consider purchasing during the sale:


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