Monthly Archives: December 2016

Color your own 3D Community

At the beginning of the school year, I introduced Ozobots to my students.  We’ve been having fun exploring all the ways that we can use different colors to tell them what to do.  I noticed that my students were losing interest in using them, so I decided to introduce an Ozobot community where the Ozobots could drive up and down the streets past different community buildings:

For extra fun, we put on our community helper vests so we could pretend to be a part of this community! 🙂  Click here to read more about how we made our community!


Making Shapes

One skill that I think my students can always work on is to make shapes from other shapes and to explore using shapes in different ways.  We used Giant Pattern Blocks (STILL a class favorite!!), Shape Bean Bags, Easy Stick Blocks, and Tangrams to explore making shapes form other shapes.  My kiddos were and are such a fan of these activities!


Check out our shape building fun here!!



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