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What a difference a day makes!

Okay, or two days!  The custodians/housekeepers are busy at work cleaning our carpets and tile so they are all ready for next year (which is actually later this year–never understood that, 🙂 ).  Here are some pictures of my room today when I went in to take my son to a special summer gym class that is offered by our fabulous “Jim Teacher”.  He is the best!

I think I’ll be able to get back in soon and start setting it all back up. 🙂

Kristen 🙂

New Classroom Layout

I like reading “teacher books” because it gets the gears in my mind turning like crazy!  As I was reading The Daily Five, I kept thinking about making my classroom more conducive to Reading to Self.  It led me to thinking about when we are “doing” Literacy Work Stations–the children at the Library WS were always looking at what the people at Pocket Chart WS were doing, and the children at Pocket Chart WS were always looking at the computer screens and asking the children at Listening, Writing, and Big Book WS if they saw what so-and-so was playing on the computers.  Big Hairy Mess–everyday! 🙂  I want to fix that problem, so I’ve updated my “floor plan” with some adjustments.

My computers will now be turned so that the children at Writing WS cannot see them.  I’m also moving the short bookcases with Pocket Chart WS around the corner from where they were, so they cannot see the computers with out stretching their necks waaay out there.  I’m also moving the tall Library WS bookcases between the library and the computers, hopefully, no one will be exceptionally tall this year! 🙂 I wish that the computers could go elsewhere in the room, but they can’t due to the computer hook-up drops that have been installed there.

I’m attaching my updated version–this is just the beginning though–I’m still playing with where my Sand Table will go because I am DETERMINED to use it this year-EVERYDAY!! 🙂  I’ll see how that has panned out in October! 🙂

The other thing I forgot to tell you was that I’ve added a second page with all my work stations as they were at the end of this last school year.  I’ve numbered them all on the layout, so if you look through my classroom pictures from this year, you can kind of see where everything is located. 🙂


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