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Open House

In my school, we usually have a special night before school starts where the Kindergarten students can come meet their teachers and have their first look around our classroom.  Its also a time when they can bring in school supplies and fill out all those necessary forms.  Here are a few pictures of the special tables in my classroom where the children and their families had to visit.

Kristen's Kindergarten Open House Night

I made station signs that the families had to visit to complete different tasks.  I held up the signs with pool noodles and popsicle sticks (they are in the back supporting the back of the sign). Kristen's Kindergarten Open House Night

Kristen's Kindergarten Classroom PhotosStation #2 was to have parents fill out the forms on this table and return them to the buckets.

IMG_7966Station #3 had the children come meet me, tell me how they were getting home on the first day of school, and to get their pictures taken.

This is the first time I’d had stations all set up like this and I LOVED it!  I laminated the signs so I could use them again next year.  It really gave the families something to do and the kiddos could help sort their supplies out.  It was much easier for me to put my supplies away too because all the sorting had been done already. 🙂


Back To School Sale

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale and I’m joining in!


Use the Promo Code: BTS14 to get a 28% discount on my entire store, including my brand new BTS Literacy Work Stations Pack!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 11.22.02 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 12.26.56 PM

My August and September Problem Solving Packs are also on sale!! Great for beginning of the year in Kindergarten! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 7.00.01 PM

September Problem Solving Pack

My 1-10 Number Books are on sale too!  I use these at the beginning of the year to help teach my kiddos numbers and beginning number recognition.

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 9.01.28 PM


Parent Information Packs

I’ve noticed that my pin about my Parent Information Pack was getting pinned frequently, but I realized that I never showed how to make one!  I put mine together earlier this week to prepare for our Back to School night and I took pictures along the way to show how they go together.

IMG_0959The first thing you have to do is type everything up.  My booklet is 5 pages, so I can have 9 spaces (actually 10, but 1 serves as the front cover) to place text.  Next, you will want to cut all your text apart into paragraphs.


That’s when you make the dummy mock up of your finished flip booklet.  I just play with my paragraphs of text, fitting them in where they fit best.  I start with the middle most paper (in this picture it’s the one that says Absences and Tardies and Parent Helpers and Field Trips).  You fold the paper almost in 1/2, but so that the Absences and Tardies part leaves enough room for the words “Parent Helpers…”.  Then you keep adding pages behind it.  I used a total of five 8 1/2 x11 sheets of paper and just kept folding each one.  So for the page that says Daily Schedule, I placed that part of the paper about 1/2 inch down from Parent Helpers and then folded it over the Absences and Tardies part and it became the Red Folders section.  Make sense?IMG_0966

Then I just start taping in my paragraphs of text.  After that, I label the different sections.  I use removable tape in case I need to move the sections around a little bit. IMG_0967


Next, I copied each page back to back (you will see that better once all your pages are folded in your dummy mock up copy.  I copied them on these bright papers so families could find them easier once they take them home. If I had to copy them again, I would shuffle the colored paper up a little bit so I copied on a wider variety of colors.  I hardly had any blue or yellow pages!IMG_0961

Next you fold…and fold…and fold each of the pages. IMG_0962

What I do to help me figure out where to fold them is this:  For the first set, I lay each page next to the dummy mock up copy and use that to help me decide where to fold.  After that, I look for a sentence on each page where I find that the folded page falls near.  In the picture above, “Specials Schedule” landed just about the sentence part “clipped up can be asked to clip down”.  Each page that looked like this one, got folded to the same sentence. IMG_0963

Here you can see how they are copied back to back…one side will be upside down when compared to the words on the other side, allowing the one side to be folded over the other. IMG_0964


Here they are all folded and I’ve put one together (but haven’t stapled it yet).

IMG_0969Here it is up close. 🙂


Now I use my long arm stapler to staple it on the outside. IMG_0971

Here are all 25 of them stacked and ready to go.  By the time you get to the end, you will have some booklets that are all the same color. It’s just a toss up as to how many sheets you will have of each color.  It doesn’t bother me any, so when I copy, I just throw the ream of paper in the machine and I get what I get. 🙂IMG_0972

It took me about an hour start to finish…making the mock up to all of them being stapled.

Kristen 🙂

Back To School Packet

I wanted to do something different for my Back to School night packet this year and through Pinterest, I found an idea on First Grade Fairy Tales that I loved! I created 26 of these and just like Kelly said on First Grade Fairy Tales, you will have to mess around with the folds and spacing of the words until you figure it out.  I typed out everything I wanted to include, printed it out and then cut and pasted it on 5 sheets of white paper.  I would use re-positionable tape because you will have to move things around a few times to get them just right.  All of a sudden, it will come together.  Then you just copy each page back to back and put two staples right in the middle!

Kristen 🙂

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