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More Bakery Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from our classroom bakery:

In another week…it will become a Veterinarian’s office. And after that…a Pizza place!


The Open/Closed signs–they love to flip these over when the Bakery is open/closed! 🙂IMG_1505

Our “Menu”IMG_1506

The whole class got excited about ordering from the Bakery and lined up at the walk-up window.  The kiddos inside got clipboards and started taking orders.  A couple of them started working the line and taking names and orders and two others stayed inside and filled the orders.  It was ADORABLE and so CREATIVE!! 🙂IMG_1507

Filling the orders…IMG_1508

“A 1/2 dozen to go please!” 🙂IMG_1509Kristen 🙂

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