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Bats Wrap-up 2009

Hello Everyone!  Sorry that I’ve been neglectful of the blog lately!  I want to keep updating, but I feel that unless I have some new idea that is different from last year, it seems silly to re-type all that, but then when I think about it, each year is different no matter if I do the same things or not, there are always some new questions that come up and we head off in a different direction! 🙂 I’m updating with about 3-4 different posts this evening, so be sure to check for more!


Here is what we did to wrap up our study of bats:

We acted out the Five Little Bats Flying in the Night story using some bat pictures I posted two weeks ago:



Here are some pictures from one of our Morning Messages that week:




We also watched a short movie about bats.  I don’t have the name in front of me, but I do know it was a short 6 minute video and it talked about the importance of having bats and some different types of bats.


Kristen 😉


Bats Day #1 and Day #2 2009

This week, we’ve been learning all about BATS!!  We have several students in our school who do not celebrate the fall holidays, so I always try to keep things neutral and not offend anyone.  In October, we learn about bats, spiders, pumpkins, and leaves, all kind of tying into the holidays, yet we do not discuss ways in which they might relate–these are just things you might see in our area in October!  Some pictures which are probably self-explanatory!


This is our Big Book this week!  I also created a PDF file to help re-tell this story.  There are 5 bats and an equal and minus signs to help the children understand the math.




These are some other Big Books we will be reading this week.







This is the “-at” cave (not the bat cave mind you!).  We made a list of -at family words in our morning message on Monday and then made bats today and they seemed to belong together–so the “-at” cave was born!

I’m in the process of finishing it, so I will take new pictures once it’s done.


Kristen 🙂

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