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The new greenhouse

Check out my great find at my local Big Lots store… I was able to get this greenhouse for $30! It has four shelves and doubled our growing space! I let a teacher down the hall borrow my two shelf model so she could grow some plants of her own. There was also a walk in greenhouse model available for sale and if I would of had a place to put it, it would of been mine!
In keeping with the green theme here, we (the kids and I) decided to use as many recycled containers as possible to grow our seeds in. We used both halves of a cardboard egg container, complete with egg shell half cups! We also used a plastic cupcake tray that one of my students brought her birthday cupcakes in last week. We used some old cookie sheets I got at the Goodwill Outlet Store for way cheap as trays to put our containers on.




Kristen 🙂

The Mayor’s Visit…

Here is a picture of the Mayor of Indianapolis visiting my classroom:


There are about 60 pictures I could post, but most of them show my kids faces, so for security, I don’t want to do that, but just know that we had the best time with the Mayor!  He asked lots of questions about our compost and what we were doing to help keep our community green and our Earth healthy!  The children did an AWESOME job answering all of Mayor Ballards’ questions and they were far less nervous than I was!

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