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Library Work Station

Hi Everyone!

I know it seems as if I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, but I really haven’t!!!  I’m still here!  Things have been busy lately and updating my blog just kept getting pushed further and further down the list.  I’m going to post 5 entries today, the other 4 will be ahead of this one, but if you are subscribed to my blog you will get them in the right order.  If you haven’t subscribed, there is a box on the left hand side for you to do that…you don’t have to check here for updates…they will get e-mailed directly to you!

Here are some pictures from our Library Work Station.  It is a constantly evolving area.  Each time we learn about a new topic, I put books pertaining to that topic into the large front facing bookcase.  You can see our farm books in the front facing shelf in the pictures. The baskets on the tall brown book shelf stay the same and the old books from the front facing bookcase get moved to the top of another bookcase.  We’ve also just added a basket for Class Books. These are the books made by the children for the children.  So far, we have three books in it, “Where we live”, “Homes”, and “Mrs. Wishy-Washy”.  I just keep the labels the same on the books that are in the front facing bookcase.  They all have green dot stickers on them to help them get returned to their homes.  This system is working great!!  I find that very few books make it back to their correct baskets.

What Happens When…

You give a room full of Kindergarten students a….


They go crazy!  They came up with all kinds of ideas, how we could join the maps together and create one big one and some even swear they saw their homes (on a Florida map–we live in Indiana!).  Here are some pictures of their overwhelming excitement!






I added these to their SSR book baskets to give them another kind of print to look at and they went crazy!! They had so much fun looking at them, and you should have seen the creative ways in which they folded them back up! 🙂

I got them for free from Teacher’s Treasures along with some of those AAA travel guides for various areas of the country–just another way to look at print and notice our environment! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

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