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Way back in February, we did a two week long study about Nutrition and Healthy Habits/Dental Health.  Here are a few pictures of the new things we did this year.  (You can search my blog for other ideas from last year).

This is a food pyramid that we created.  I free handed a pyramid and then one food group at a time, the children drew pictures on precut index cards (2 1/2 x 2 1/2).  As they finished, they would bring them to me to tape on the pyramid.  Each table got to color one section as well.  I have these books that are specific to each food group, so we would read those first and get some ideas about what to draw.

This was a chart I got several years ago with some other Nutrition information.  It is dry erase and we were trying to check off how many fruits and vegetables we ate each day at lunch.

We practiced brushing our teeth using egg cartons.  I cut the dozen sized cartons in half and we first flossed and then brushed the “plaque” off.  We also used pictures of teeth in sheet protectors and I drew “plaque” on them with a dry erase marker and the kids had to erase it, so if these toothbrushes look a little green, that’s why!

Kristen 🙂

5 Senses/Nutrition and Dental Health

We have been talking this week about 5 Senses/Nutrition and Dental Health–nothing like waiting until the last week of the month to squeeze it all in! 🙂

Monday, we started by reading My 5 Senses by Aliki (Big Book) and talked about how our senses help us in everyday life.  We also made a new Predictable Chart titled, “I can…” and the children finished the sentence with a sense that they can use.  In the afternoon, we took a “Hearing Walk” around the inside of our building and just listened to things.  We came back to the classroom and listed all the new sounds we heard in our school.  We also tried to complete a 6×6 Sudoku puzzle of our own and I had to help with about 1/2 of the puzzle and then they could finish the rest themselves.



Tuesday, We read another book about using our senses and finished up our Predictable Chart.  We also had tasting day.  I had three things for the children to taste–these are things that are easy to get! I got them from restaurants! 🙂  I had them taste soy sauce, taco sauce, and honey.  I put a little bit in each paper cup and then had the children taste it.  We then made a chart telling how it tasted (salty, sweet, or other):


We also talked about how to care for our teeth.  I show the children every year how to best brush their teeth by using a dry erase board.  I draw some teeth covered in plaque:


And then I take a tooth brush and brush it gently away.  I usually use a yellow marker to show plaque, but I couldn’t find it! So we went with a black marker:



Wednesday, we talked about the Food Pyramid.  I made cards for each of the food groups and put them on the floor inside my Venn-Diagram circles:



The children sorted our play food into the groups and then we talked about what a serving size of each would look like.  I got these placemats and work booklets from Teacher’s Treasures early this year when I was there and they were great for today’s lesson. 




Monday, I also added a new pocket chart poem to Pocket Chart Station:


Kristen 🙂

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