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A new day, a new grocery!

For the last two weeks, our home living area has been a Pizzeria, but for the next two weeks, we’ve transformed our house into a Grocery Store!

I purchased a pack from Kathleen @ Growing Kinders called “Fun at the Grocery Store”.  That helped me get started and add some environmental print to our grocery store.  Here are some pictures of our grocery.  Any labels or signs that you see came from Kathleen’s pack. 🙂

You might also see my son in a few of the pictures.  The cash register that we are using used to be his, and no matter how old he gets, he is still fascinated by it each time I bring it out. 🙂











I asked families in my class room to donate canned goods so we could pretend with them.  After we are done with them, we will donate them to our Community Closet at our school to give to other children in our building who might need them.

Today was the first day they used the grocery and they got the biggest kick out of the coupons I laminated!  I felt like a crazy lady laminating coupons, but they were expired ones and I thought it would be fun for them!

All day today, my kids made “dollars” when they were at our art center.  I hadn’t added them yet, so they decided to create their own.  Every single one of them was a $100 bill, so I hope they have lots of groceries to buy!

Kristen 🙂


At the end of each Kindergarten day, my students have the opportunity to go to our Discovery Centers–where they can discover new things.  Here is a picture showing each of my centers and how the children know which centers to go to.  My assistant and I stand by these cabinets everyday for the first 2-3 weeks of school and help the children understand what the pictures mean.  Now, most of the time, they just take a quick glance at them and are off to their center.  The sticks rotate clockwise, leaving one center open each day (or open for someone who might need to work alone).

Kristen 🙂

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