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Stamp an Uppercase letter

By popular demand, I’ve finished creating a Stamp an Uppercase letter activity to go along with my lowercase/numbers pack.

There is a version for readers where the color words are written in all black, encouraging them to use their reading skills to figure out what color they need.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.46.27 AM

There is also a non-reader version.  This version has the color words written in color so non-readers can focus on identifying letters and stamping them rather than reading the color words. 🙂  This version would be great for ELL/lower students! 🙂Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.46.44 AMClick on either of the pictures to get your “Stamp an Uppercase letter” activity from my Tpt store. 🙂

Kristen 🙂



New Math Work Stations

Here is a look at some of our newest Math Work Stations:


These are my Winter Themed Addition Mats. The children roll two dice to determine the two numbers they need to write in the first two spaces.  They then add that many cubes to each of the first two pictures.  They then add them together and write the answer in the third space.  I’ve laminated them, so we just keep reusing them. 🙂



Shake the Beans…one of my favorite addition games!  I’d share it with you, but it’s copyrighted by someone else, although, I did make this one for use in my classroom because the one I had wasn’t looking so good!  The kids shake beans (4 in this case) and record their answers as math sentences.  The biggest rule they have to remember is that red always comes first.  The red beans are always recorded as the first number.  I use lima beans that I’ve spray painted red on one side. IMG_4772


This game is called Dunk It Dominoes.  I found it on Pinterest and made some labels for the cups.  The kids pick a domino and count up the dots and place it in the correct cup.    IMG_4773


This domino mat was part of my Math swaps I received this summer (speaking of swaps, be looking for a special e-mail about an upcoming swap later this week!).  The kids again pick a domino, count the dots, add them together, and place it in the correct column. IMG_4774

This is a new Ten Frame do-a-dot game I made to help some of my kiddos work on recognizing numbers quickly.  They stamp the corresponding number with the right do-a-dot stamper.


Kristen 🙂

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