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Taking the plunge…

Friday, I went into school and found that one of my team mates was working on creating a calendar that we could use on our Promethean Board with our district technology resource person….so I took the plunge and decided to use it for our calendar and took the one I had in my classroom down…

You can see what it looked like before in the picture below:



I’m going to use the board on the left for our anchor charts–those NEED to be up at all times so that the children can constantly reference them.  The board on the right will be my word wall/name wall.  We will put names and environmental print on that board so that the children can easily come up and access the words there.  I will still put my rainbow words (sight words) up on the left side of the Promethean Board–those are on velcro so the children can take them to their seats as they use them.


Kristen 🙂

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