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Frog Freebies

I’m SLOWLY working on getting my Pond/Frog unit done and ready to go…most of it is on the to-do list for Spring Break (along with the April Problem Solving Pack), but I thought I would give you a preview of some of the things that will be included. πŸ™‚

Here is a simple addition game that you can download that’s all froggy themed. πŸ™‚Β  Print out one or two copies of the frog squares and insert them into your pocket dice:

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 8.43.36 PM

If you print two copies, your children can add up to 12, but up to 6 if you just print one copy.Β  I’ve also included a recording sheet for you. πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 8.42.10 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 8.42.18 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 8.41.54 PM

Click here to download the froggy dice. πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think. πŸ™‚

Kristen πŸ™‚

A Valentine Freebie

I’ve been out of my classroom from Tuesday-Friday last week, so I’m behind on getting some things to share with you, so I thought I would give you a freebie instead. πŸ™‚

First I want to show you a new product I’ve added to my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.17.35 PM

I created a half sheet book for the -at family.Β  The children “read” the sentences and then using the last page, the children cut out and glue in the correct beginning sound.Β  They then can practice writing all the -at words they completed in the book.


Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.17.46 PM


What other word families would you like to see?Β  I plan to make more of these, but I need to know which one’s you’d like> πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.18.00 PM


Okay, now for the freebie. πŸ™‚

This is a quick Valentine themed subtraction freebie.Β  I took the “Way up high in the apple tree” poem and changed it up a bit to fit for Valentine’s day.Β  You can get it by clicking here.Β  I’ve also included theΒ “Way up high in the apple tree” poem in addition to the Valentine’s poem. πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.27.15 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.26.53 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.27.06 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.26.33 PM



Kristen πŸ™‚

A freebie!

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.01.37 PM

I’ve linked up with some of my other kindergarten blogging friends and we are sharing 12 days of Christmas freebies with you!Β  Today, I’m sharing a freebie that will help your students practice saying and writing sight words:

Click below to get your copy! πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 8.49.08 PM


Also, TOMORROW,Β  click below to continue your 12 days of Christmas blog hopping and visit my friends at:

Mrs. Lirette’s Learning Detectives:

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 8.58.31 PM


Herding Cats in Kindergarten:

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 8.58.31 PM


and Color Me Kinder:

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 8.58.31 PM


-at family dice toss

Here is the -at family dice toss that everyone has so kindly been requesting:


I’ve left it blank so that you can write words in for any word family, sight words, numbers, etc.


***Edited to add directions***

To play this game, you program a blank die with whatever you want your students to practice.

Sight words, word families, etc.

Fill those in in the smaller boxes on the left.Β  The children roll the dice (you can use two dice for word families if you want, divide up the words into initial consonants and word family parts)Β  bl (on one die)Β  ow (on the other die).

When the children roll a word, they make a tally mark in the box next to the word and roll the word again.

Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

Kristen πŸ™‚

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