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Gingerbread Man Map and Dollar Spot finds

Here is the map that I use to help my kids track the GBM’s travels around the world.


I got this map at Kohl’s last year and its made by Discovery Kids.  They are around $20 or so. They come with these awesome velcro labels that you can use to label the continents, oceans, countries, and even states/cities.  There are also animals included so you can show your students what animals live where. IMG_1352

Here are some of the velcro labels.  I sorted the places out from the animals to make it a little quicker to find what I need. IMG_1353When I was looking through the Dollar Spot at Target this past weekend, I found these 10 packs of foam gingerbread man and instantly thought of a math activity we could do with them to get them all decorated up. (I’ll share my idea later).  I picked up 4 packs of the GBM and 4 packs of the Pom-poms to decorate them with (along with some other goodies I already have).

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Kristen 🙂

The Gingerbread Man is back (almost!)

The Gingerbread Man (GBM) is almost back!  We are on Thanksgiving Break, so where did I spend part of my vacation?  In my classroom of course!!  I needed to get the GBM crate out of the closet without the kids seeing it. 🙂  Here’s what the underneath  area of my loft looks like now:


This is the crate where I organize all my GBM things.  Each country has a folder. 🙂IMG_1322

This “Unit Pack” folder holds all my Gingerbread Man Unit materials.  It’s really easy to pull out what I need from this folder to prep all the envelopes that the GBM leaves us. IMG_1323

Next in the crate is the Tale of the Gingerbread Man play that we have our K kiddos present each year.  We are taking the year off from this play this year because we have such a short window between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester.  We just didn’t have enough time to get everything together, so maybe next year. 🙂IMG_1324

I am usually in charge of running the sound board, reminding the kids of the movements, and turning the microphones on and off for speaking parts.  So you see all my markups in my master binder that I have with me during all of our practices and the actual presentation. IMG_1325

These are many of the GBM stories that I have collected. 🙂  In my GBM unit, I have shared a list of most of my GBM books. 🙂 You can also see the folders for each country.  I have all the materials I need for each packet in the folders.  You can get the letters in my GBM unit. IMG_1326

I also have a folder for all of the Literacy Work Station and Math Work Station materials we use during the GBM’s visit. IMG_1327

Behind all my folders, I have extra envelopes if I decide to add another country.  I like to add countries that my students have lived in so they can share some of their experiences.  IMG_1328
In the front of the crate, I have the more 3D objects that will be sent along with our letters.  I keep the menorah, dreidels, puzzles, etc., here.


And then there is the pile on top of the crate.  It serves two purposes, one to hide the envelopes underneath it, and two, its everything that would not fit in the crate or things I need to copy or have copied for the unit. IMG_1330

This is what our first envelope looks like. 🙂  It will be “delivered” on December 2nd. IMG_1331

We will be measuring with these candies soon and I’ll be posting this GBM Write the Room activity soon in my Tpt store. 🙂IMG_1332Finally, here are my GBM puppets that we use to retell the story.  We sit in a big circle and we pass the wooden spoon puppets around in the order that the GBM is chased in the story.  I got the faces years ago from the December Mailbox book.  I’m not sure if you can still get it, but I will be working on creating some to share. 🙂

Kristen 🙂

The Gingerbread Man

We are finally finished with our Gingerbread Man unit. 🙂 My school was just named an IB world school, so as many of you know, everything we do needs to have an international or more worldly take on it.
Our Gingerbread Man unit is no exception–the GBM travels from country to country to learn about customs and celebrations from around the world. We are careful to stay away from holidays that we traditionally think of and focus more on traditions that happen in each of the countries we visit.

In Mexico, we learned about the art of tin work and we made our own “tin” art (using aluminum foil and permanent markers).




Many of the kids made Monarch Butterflies on their tin because we studied them earlier in the year. 🙂

When we visited Israel, the children learned about mosaics and how they have been made in Israel for thousands of years.




You can visit my Teacher’s Pay Teachers store to purchase the unit for yourself. 🙂

Kristen 🙂

Checking in…

I’m still here, I promise!  We’ve been busy practicing for our “The Tale of the Gingerbread Man” production (from Heidi Songs) that will happen on Thursday night and haven’t had a second to do much else!  I’ll get back to blogging again regularly probably next week, but I wanted you to know where I was!


Tomorrow brings a day of creating gingerbread houses for 130 Kindergarten students = LOTS of graham crackers, icing, and candy!!  We will auction them off on Thursday evening during our performance to benefit a local homeless shelter.  Last year, we raised over $600 for our local Habitat for Humanity, so we are hoping to raise more this year! 🙂

I’ll take some pictures of the houses we create as we make them tomorrow and post those asap. 🙂


Kristen 🙂

The Gingerbread Man

It’s finally done!!  Not Thanksgiving Break!  My Gingerbread Man Unit!!  I’ve been working on it here and there over Thanksgiving Break and I’ve finally finished it!  122 pages of Gingerbread goodness!

Join the gingerbread man as he travels around the world to learn about customs and celebrations from around the globe!  This unit is designed to last 20 days and incorporates literacy, social studies, writing, and math!  There are letters from each country, retelling props, venn diagrams, graphing cards, bulletin board headers, crafts, activities, loads of stuff!!  All you have to do is add some books and supplies and you’re off!!


It’s for sale right now on my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store…and starting on Monday, there is a cyber Monday/Tuesday sale happening!!  The entire site is 28% off!! I’ll be participating and adding a little bit extra off your purchases in my store!!  Just use the code CMT12 at checkout to get the discount!  Click the picture above to go there now!! 😉

Kristen 🙂

GBM 2011

We started our new Gingerbread Man (GBM) unit today!!  We read The Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone (and added a copy to the listening center).  The REAL fun with this unit starts on Wednesday, when our cookies go missing!


I also wanted to show you how I organize my materials from year to year for the GBM unit:

I use a file crate and create a folder for each country that we have or could visit.  I collect materials in that folder including my envelope that each letter and activity is delivered in.  I also have several general folders with copies of holiday related materials that I can plug in when I need to.  This method makes it easy for me to keep everything together and find it!!

These are the wooden spoon puppets that we will use to retell the GBM story later this week.  I got the pictures from the December grades 1-3 Mailbox resource book about 10 years ago.  I laminated them and glued them on Dollar Store wooden spoons (on the smooth backside of the spoon).  I also have the pictures laminated on sentence strips with their respective names written next to them.

Also, I got this great GBM puzzle from the Scholastic flyers a few years ago…


The other thing we did today was a little GBM subtraction…we created problems where the GBM had to run away in different amounts:

I just used die cut GBM and put a little bit of magnet tape on the back to make them stick to my dry erase board.


Hope this gives you some ideas…check back all this week for updates on the return of the GBM!!

Kristen 🙂


The Gingerbread Man

Here are some links to the GBM of years past.  I’ve had some requests to see the letters so I thought that these links would help…



Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3: (Brazil)

Day 4-7:

Day 8-9:

Some Polar Express Sites:



Hope this helps!

Kristen 🙂

P.S. I promise to be back soon with some new posts…I’ve got a busy one and a half weeks right now, and haven’t been taking many pictures–although I need to because it reminds me why I do my job!  Seeing the excitement I see through the lens of the children in my classroom when they are learning new things is the best!! 🙂

The GBM-2010

The Gingerbread Man made his triumphant return to my classroom this year (he seems to do that every year!!).  This year however, he taught us about customs and celebrations that happened around the world instead of focusing on Christmas-y traditions everywhere he went.  He also brought along a folk or fairy tale and a CD of music from that area.

Here are a few pictures of our bulletin board tracking his travels:

Everywhere he traveled, he sent us a letter and several pictures from each location.  This is what is posted on our bulletin board.  The kids would come out in the hallway everyday with me and we would locate the country on the map and then re-visit what we had learned.  🙂

The Gingerbread Man 2009

Here is a look at what we have been doing during December. I know this is a rather short post, but you will see below where you can get more ideas!  BTW, if you like the idea of doing this with your own class room, I am putting a button on my Kristen’s Kindergarten Store blog for you to purchase the GBM Kit complete with the letters that the GBM left for the children, a book list, supply list, a GBM store “shopping list”, and a resource list  where you can get more ideas.  The cost will be $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping or just $15.00 if you would like them e-mailed to you as a PDF file.

I’ll also be adding some materials from the winter Farmer’s Market workshop I did and will be presenting in the weeks to come (that will be in my next post).

On with the GBM!! 🙂

You can also reference the GBM things I posted last year.  I kept everything mostly the same, but changed the letters that the children received significantly.  This post will be mostly just pictures with the new things I added:

This is our GBM Store.  The children worked very hard for the week and a half before this store to earn lots of Bulldog Bucks (our Kindergarten currency).  The children could then purchase their GBM felt cutout and items to glue on to their GBM.  I had two wonderful parent helpers come in and hot glue all the items on so the children could take them home the same day.

You can click on the picture for a larger view.

These are pictures from our GBM spoon chase that helps us work on retelling.  I copied the pictures from the Mailbox Magazine’s December Grades 1-3 book about 8 years ago and laminated them and taped them on to these spoons I purchased from the Dollar Tree.  We retell the story and pass the spoons around the circle, adding characters as needed.

This is a sampling of the books that we read during our GBM theme.  When you purchase the kit, you will get the list in its entirety as well as many others.  I ordered all of them from and received most of them within a week.  I think 10 books cost me $40, so if you don’t mind a gently used copy, it’s a good way to get them for your classroom library!

Again, search my blog for what we did last year…I like it at this point and will only be posting new things I add for this theme each year.  One of my colleagues had children in her room who celebrated many different holidays and could not get to them all, so instead, she had the GBM visit other countries and the children learned about those countries from folk/and fairy tales tied to those regions! 🙂  What a great alternative! 🙂  I will have to try it some year! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

GBM–things I forgot to post!

Here are some assorted pictures of things I forgot to post during our Holidays Around the World/GBM theme in December.



I made these gingerbread men characters using wooden spoons I got at the Dollar Tree a few years ago.  The children sit in a circle and as we re-tell the story, the characters go chasing each other around the circle.


I got the patterns from the December Mailbox book–the one that has things to do for the entire month–not the magazine!


It’s always fun and gets lots of laughs–but it also shows you how much they know about the story!


Here is the top of the bellflower we made when the GBM sent us a package from down under.


We made it a true “bell” flower by putting a bell inside.



Here is the letter from the GBM from Australia.  


We also made a graph showing where we bit first off of our GB cookie:


Here is the poem that was in our pocket chart:


I also ended up putting in the props that we used to act out the GBM in the chart for a few weeks and the kids had fun doing that.

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