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Math Work Stations (Quarter 2)

Here is a look at some of our newer Math Work Stations:

Here is our giant Al the Alligator.  You can see that he’s chomping the greater number.  After the kids pick two number cards, they record which number is greater and which is less than on their recording sheet.  Click here to get the recording sheet.

This is from my Halloween Eraser Math pack.  The children choose a card, make that number on the ten frame with the erasers, and then record the number they created on the recording sheet included in the pack.

Kristen 🙂

Al the Alligator

We started learning about greater than and less than this week, and although we don’t need to teach the actual symbols in K, I think some of my kids are ready for it.  We made our own “Al the Alligators” who will munch big numbers.  We used bendy straws and pipe cleaners and then got out our white boards to practice some munching!

We will keep practicing groups that are greater than/less than/equal to each other. 🙂

Kristen 🙂

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