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New Pets

We have several new critters in our classroom this year.  They are all part of our Kindergarten Zoo!  I’ve shown you the Meal Worms before, but we have also added Hermit Crabs and now Toads!!  My sister found some toads when she was cleaning out the window wells at her church during their workday last Sunday.  She called and asked if I wanted them and so now we have Toads.  I think our Zoo is now complete as I can only remember to feed so many things at a time!!  When we got the toads, we talked about how we should go about feeding them.  We figured out two ways to do this.  Some of the children volunteered to dig for worms in the dirt around the school (we need to get permission first before this can begin–I have a class set of child sized shovels to help us!) and the second way is to just feed them our meal worms and the meal worm beetles.  Everyone seemed to be okay with this plan and so our happy little toads are enjoying their new habitat!

This is a picture of one of the happy little guys!  We have four of them all together.

Meal Worms

Hermit Crabs

They were in a small tank, but didn’t seem so happy!  Now they crawl all over the place and I’ve since added some things for them to climb on.

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