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Highlighter Tape Tip

Here’s how we store the highlighter tape in my classroom for use in our Big Book Work Station:

We place them on these laminated frog die-cuts.  I also fold under the ends of the tape so the kids have an easier time lifting them on and off and re-using them.  I punched a hole in the poor frogs head so that we could hang them on a hook right under the chalk ledge.  The kids just hang them back up here when they are done.  Previously, the tape and frogs would get lost in the tub of big books and this has helped so much!

Kristen 🙂

Some work with Quotation Marks

When we were reading The Little Red Hen a few weeks ago, it seemed like the perfect time to get some work done on recognizing quotation marks.  We used highlighter tape and I folded over a tiny part at the end to help them come off and on more smoothly.  We store the highlighter tape on laminated index cards and keep it in a bag near our Big Book Work station so we can highlight different things during LWS. This was part of one of our Big Book lessons during this week.

Kristen 🙂

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