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The pictures in the slide show are two different things I added to Library Work Station and to Pocket Chart Station.  The orange cards are word family cards I created for Pocket Chart Station.  The children take the three word family endings and put them at the top of the chart.  They then read the rest of the words and put them under the appropriate heading/word family.  When they are done, they can turn them over to check them and make sure they all have the same star that is on the word family card at the top.


The other pictures are of our first class book we made.  I asked the children to draw a picture of their homes.  We used them to make a graph about where we lived (house, apartment, town home).  Then I took the pictures and the cards that were once the labels on our graph and bound them together to make a book about “Where We Live”.


Kristen 🙂

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