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Pinterest Idea

I found this great organizer on Pinterest:

School Supply Caddy

I wanted to make one, so I sent my husband off to Goodwill to find a used stand like this one or some buckets we could repaint to make cute.  No luck, so off to Target he went and he came back with this exact stand!  He also picked up some buckets from the Dollar Spot there and after some spray paint, the whole thing looks like this:

It was really difficult to keep my son’s supplies for homework from vanishing.  This way, he can take the bucket he needs (my husband took the handles off the blue and pink buckets so they would take up less room) and bring it back when he’s done.  This sits on the counter in our dining room and now his supplies are ready when he is!

I think they used soup cans that had been spray painted in the original and if I had eaten enough soup, I would have used those!

I think it took me probably 10 minutes to put this together, but about 1 hour while waiting for the spray paint to dry.

The stand was $19 and the buckets were $1 each, so the entire project was under $30.  We had the spray paint from another project, so that didn’t cost anything. 🙂

Kristen 🙂


I’ve decided to rethink my homework a little bit this year.  I wasn’t happy with the meaningfullness level!  I wanted to have homework be something meaningful and something we could use in the classroom when the children brought it back after several days.  I’m posting my first homework packet.  Please remember this is the beginning of the year!  I hope to post more of the packets for you, but it will depend upon if I used published copyrighted work from other authors if I can post all the pages. 🙂



This is the homework cover sheet.  I’m working on finding the “Ways to Practice your Name” sheet.  I’ll post that when I find it.  I think it’s on my computer at school.


These are the sheets that go with the cover sheet.  You will want to make sure they are in the same order as they are listed on the cover sheet.  You might need to change the fonts up a bit…I have a set of fonts on my school computer that I don’t have on my home computer so they don’t always “transfer” correctly.

I’ll begin sending packets home next Monday. 🙂


Kristen 🙂


Hi Everyone!

I haven’t had time to take pictures in the last two days because we’ve been so busy!

Monday, we celebrated Chinese New Year by reading our Big Book for this week called “Little Panda” The Story of Hau Mai.  It came with our Scott Foresman Reading Series that we got last year.

We also made paper lanterns from red constuction paper for the children to take home and to help them wish good luck to the members of their family.

Monday was a blur as my assistant was out and it was just me on duty! 🙂

Tuesday, we went to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the children did a GREAT job, so great in fact that we are trying to come up with a way to tell them thank you for their wonderful behavior–Any Ideas?? Something that won’t cause them to go crazy, because we want to emphasize GOOD behavior! 🙂

Wednesday, as I sit here, I am home from school because we had a snow day today–10 inches of snow fell outside my door last night!  That’s in addition to the 2+ inches we already had on the groud!

Thursday, I was supposed to speak at the ICE-Indiana Computer Educator’s Conference, but it got canceled due to the weather–so maybe next year!?!  My presentation was called Monarch Migration and Technology in Kindergarten.  I made a Power Point for it (Monarch Butterfly Jeopardy), so I’ll post that in just a minute.

Next week, we have two 1/2 days and I begin assessments again for report cards in the middle of March.  This round is one of the fastest because many children will master most of the skills at this point in the year.  I will be out next Friday to attend the HASTI (Hoosier Association of Science Teachers Inc.) conference with two other members of my Kdg. team.  Next week, I will also be presenting at our district Kindergarten meeting (once every two months all the Kdg. teachers in our district get together to discuss current topics)  I will be presenting on Literacy Work Stations and offering a list of technology/Kgd. appropriate websites to use in our classrooms.

I made the presentation for LWS in Power Point, so I will run and get my jump drive and be right back to post it in another post! 🙂

For parents of children in my classroom: The copy machines are not working properly, so until further notice, there will be no homework coming home with your child–I will try to get it scanned and put here or on our classroom blog so you could print it out at home if you wanted to.  Sorry about that! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

Homework #2

Here are the cover sheets and page numbers for this week’s homework packets….

The activity pages again come from Best of Teacher’s Helper Math TEC3210  pgs. 13, 15, 17

The activity pages for the “hard” packet come from the October/November 2001 issue of Teachers’ Helper Magazine pgs. 39, 37, 53.

Kristen 🙂

Homework Packet #2

Here is the packet that I will send home this week (Monday the 8th).  I can’t scan the pages that go with it because they are all copyrighted (not by me), so I don’t want to break any laws–I will tell you what book they are from, so if you have it–you can copy them out of it and attach them. Also this week, I am dividing the homework into 2 separate packets (easy and hard).  Eventually, there will be a “medium” level packet as well.  These are the cover pages for the easy and hard levels.

pages 3, 5, 7 and 9 all come from the book, “The Best of Teacher’s Helper Math” TEC3210 by The Education Center.

pages 135, 137, 141, and 89 all come from the book, “The Best of Teacher’s Helper Math” TEC3210 by The Education Center.

I googled the title of the book so I could link it for you, but after 20+ minutes of searching for it–I can’t seem to locate it.  It’s only about 8 years old, so I can’t imagine it being out of print already.

Kristen 🙂

Rainbow Words

I made these to go along with my Kinder. kids homework packets this week.  These are our “purple” and “blue” words on our Rainbow Words chart.


I assessed each of my kids yesterday and all but 7 (out of 24) know all 6 purple words.  Even those kids knew at least 1 of the 6 (most knew 2 or 3).  It’s been a fun way for the kids to learn their words this year! 🙂  


These are meant to be flash cards that you can use daily and cut apart to learn the words.  It is a combination of words from the Scott Foresman list and words that we thought were most important to learn before others. 

Kristen 🙂

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