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My school is in the process of applying to become an IB world school.  We have been hard at work designing new ideas and units to use in kindergarten.  The latest one we’ve done is “How we express ourselves” it involves patterns in our world, methods of communication, and customs and celebrations.  We’re still in the middle of this unit; it will last from November until December.


Last week, we got into one of the patterns that happens every year, Harvesting.  We also included How animals get ready for winter, how we get ready for winter, and a little bit about day and night. Here is a slideshow of some of the things we did:

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You will see pictures of us planting–you can’t harvest anything if you didn’t plant it!!  I wanted for the kids to understand that we cannot plant cans in the ground and expect to get vegetables.  We also brought in cans to make vegetable soup–after we read Growing Vegetable Soup.  The extra cans we did not use, we took to our Community Closet and donated them.  Our Community Closet is a place where we have supplies, clothes, and instant meal in a bags for families in our school community who might need them.  We thought this would be a great place for the food to be used rather than sitting in our classroom! 🙂

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