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Poindexter’s Pizzeria

Because we are learning about community helpers in this IB unit, I decided to turn my home living area into a Pizzeria for a few weeks (then a grocery store, and then a vet’s office).  I traded all the “old boring stuff”–as the kids put it, out for some new pizzia-rific items:



Here is a picture of the outside of the Pizzeria.  I changed out the curtains from blue with some lace trim to these red and white checked ones I sewed last night.  I also made a table cloth for the table inside the pizza place. 🙂IMG_4756


Here is a look inside…everything you need to run a successful pizzeria!IMG_4757




Here you can see the menus I created.  I got a new laminator from Purple Cows and I’ve been laminating like crazy! On the back there is a picture menu (with a few words) so the children can “order” a pizza and a small or large drink from each other. IMG_4755


You can’t ever have too many old school phones for pizza orders! 🙂IMG_4754


A kitchen fit for a pizza artist!



The red and green box is a pizza set I got from  It’s a Melissa and Doug set.  The pizza pieces velcro together and then toppings can be velcroed onto the top.  There is a pretend wooden pizza cutter and serving tool that are also included.  I actually got two of these, one from Amazon and one my husband picked up at Michael’s because I was worried it wouldn’t get here in time! 🙂

The kids loved playing Pizzeria today and it was fun to watch them try to interact with each other as a waiter/waitress!

Kristen 🙂

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