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Poster Markers

I’ve been using the Mr. Sketch scented markers for a few years now to write on my chart paper.  They were fine for awhile, but they dried out quickly from too much use on the paper.  I found these Crayola Poster markers at Jo-Ann’s a few weeks ago and I’ve been using them ever since!



They have a wide tip, but if you turn it around, you also have a small tip you can use.  The colors are really bright and the kids can see them all; even the yellow.  They are more of the “Brights” colors than the primary colors, but I really like using them so far and they haven’t started to wear out yet–and I use them a lot! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

Meaningful morning messages

I’ve decided that this is the year I want to work on making my morning messages more meaningful each day. I’ve been working different skills into my morning messages so that it helps me and the children focus in on what our target skill will be for that day/week. This week, we have been focusing on rhyming words.


The children love coming up with words that rhyme with our sight words and try to guess what the word will be that I pick to rhyme with on that day.

Kristen 🙂

Name Chart

Here is our name chart that we have created!  It hangs on our front board right next to our name word wall.  A few weeks ago, I asked if it was redundant to have both and after having both, I’m beginning to think it’s not at all redundant.  We are quickly able to sort ourselves into groups based upon the first letters in our name and it’s a helpful tool for those children at Pocket Chart station working to put all the children’s names in alphabetical order.

Interactive Writing

Just curious to know how many of you out there have read Interactive Writing by McCarrier, Pinnell and Fountas.

I’ve started reading it now that grad classes are over for 3 weeks.  What are your favorite ideas that you use from it in your kindergarten classroom?  I can’t wait to try the names chart–that’s a better approach to a name word wall I think!  Do you use this name chart in conjunction with a name word wall or just use the chart?  I think it would be double duty if you had both.

What are some other great AHA things from this book that you use?  I’m on chapter 2 and my goal is to finish tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday.

Check out my calendar that I made:

I’m going to be holding a class to teach others how to make it soon!  (Sorry the lighting isn’t the best!).  🙂  We go back on the 15th!

Kristen 🙂

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