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Class books and photos

I’m on a mission to complete more class books this year so here are starters for the first two books we have completed so far.


Last week, we read Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar, so we created a class book to recreate that.  Here is the page that we used:



This week, we are reading Brown bear, brown bear what do you see and so today we created a class book for that:



You will only need to print the first page once (and insert your name).  Print as many of the 2nd page as you have students (minus 1).  Before you give each child their page, write the name of the previous student on the top two lines of their page, so that when you put the pages together it will read correctly.

Also, I print pictures of my students easily and without resizing them in iPhoto.  When you click print, select the “contact sheet” option (as shown below).  This will allow you to print all the pictures in a 2×3 size if you take them all in the same direction with your camera.  You can see the pictures I used below are both horizontal and vertical.  Usually, all of my pictures are horizontal.

I hope this helps some of you create quick and easy classbooks!  We are up to four already! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

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