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In addition to the Common Core Standards, Indiana has unveiled a new test that will be taken by all K-3 grade students (IREADK, IREAD1, IREAD2, and IREAD3).  We will be taking this test for the first time later in the school year and it tests for pre and early literacy skill development.  In order to continue to get my students ready for this assessment, I have created my IREADK crate.  You may remember these activities I created last year for Literacy Skills (These are all stored in a crate with hanging folders by topic {letters, sounds, vowels, rhyming, etc.}).  This one is the same idea.  All the pages and activities came from the Florida Center for Reading Research.  Their activities complemented the IREADK assessment almost perfectly.

I created the tabs with my label maker and then filed the activities in the appropriate folder. 🙂

Kristen 🙂

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