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ALL the swaps are getting mailed out…

in the morning! 🙂  I can’t believe how much bigger my living room and dining room look!  I didn’t realize I had this much room! 🙂  I am missing a few addresses, so I e-mailed those people to ask them, but I still need an address for Christy Phillips (please e-mail it to me at 🙂  The boxes are stacked 4 high on my couch and loveseat and I am already imagining the looks from the nice people at the post office in the morning! 🙂


I’ve already decided that for the next swaps, everything MUST fit in one of the large post office mailing envelopes, but no more boxes! 🙂  I think I will also be limiting the number to 10 for each of the swaps because I can’t keep running huge stacks of boxes to the post office. 🙂    I will however, be sure to always share the pictures and downloads on my blog for those who cannot get in to the next swap.


Please let me know if you have received or when you receive your swap box.  The last group was sent by UPS and my brother who works for FEDEX swares that UPS looses packages right and left.  Many of you from the 2nd group should have received them by now…so just let me know by commenting on this post. 🙂

I’ll get started posting the swaps and pictures soon.  Just waiting for some sunny days to get the lighting right.  Don’t forget, if you need to e-mail me your swaps, please do that so I can get them posted online.

This has been fun for me–I LOVE getting mail! 🙂  But I’ve also learned a bit about organizing this whole thing and keeping everything straight. 🙂

Kristen 🙂

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